The best love stories don’t happen in Hollywood; rather, they are found in the everyday lives of couples who have tremendous affection for one another. Love has no age restrictions.

The soon-to-be-met couple recently shared their endearing yet unique love tale with the public.

You may probably guess why there has been much speculation about Cheryl and Quran’s relationship recently. As an illustration, people frequently believe that Quran McCain, 24, is the granddaughter of Cheryl, 61, who is just 24.

The reality, however, is far different. At Dairy Queen, the couple initially met.

Working at the fast food and ice cream shop was Quaran. He worked for the son of Cheryl. At the time he began, Quran was only 15 years old, and he paid no attention to Cheryl, who frequently stopped by his son to pick up a snack or an ice cream.


Quran told The Sun, “We didn’t think much of each other – the only reason I noticed her was because she was driving a baby blue Carrera.”

The two fell out of touch after Quran quit his job. They did, however, cross paths once more in 2020 when Quran visited Cheryl’s place of employment at a convenience shop.

As Quran and Cheryl became closer and closer, their connection eventually turned romantic.

“We connected on a spiritual level. No matter the situation, we just have a certain vibe that connects us anytime we are around each other. We went on a date and I told her to feel like I’m catching feelings,” Quran says.

First, they made every effort to maintain their friendship, but their true feelings were evident and could not be denied. They finally let go and fell in love after some time had passed.

They also claim to have a great sex life and fantastic chemistry despite Quran being younger than Cheryl’s kids.

“There’s just something between him and me that I never thought we would be together like this, he’s just an amazing person,” Cheryl says.

“There’s a different type of chemistry with him even though he’s younger; we have a lot of chemistry because of the things we’ve been through, and it pulls us closer together.”

Many people assert that Cheryl is a more senior relative of the Quran and that she resembles his grandmother. They furthermore receive a lot of hurtful comments on social media.

“I think the biggest misconception is that I’m using her or waiting to be put in the will,” Quran said.

Cheryl has deleted her social media accounts on some occasions after receiving so much hate online.

It has been not easy, even inside the family. Most heterosexual relationships have a man who is older than the woman. The woman being much older than the man in a relationship is unusual.

Quran is a few years younger than his grandmother, Cheryl, a grandma of 17, and Cheryl’s kids are younger than Quran.

At first, some family members struggled to accept the couple’s relationship, but as they grew to understand that they were content together, they were forced to. XolaniMabeehButhelezi

When two people who are significantly different in age fall in love, things always get a little more challenging. For instance, one might have recently started a career while the other might be retired.

Quran and Cheryl make an effort to view life optimistically despite all remarks and opinions.

They got engaged on July 31, 2021, and got married the next day.

Today, the two are pretty active on social media and frequently update their followers with photos. As far as I can tell, Quran and Cheryl appear to be deeply in love and enjoying their relationship! NoteToMenAndWomen

Even while it may seem strange to others, love between people is ultimately a pleasant and lovely thing. After all, the world is filled with more than enough hostility already. Let’s thus wish this adorable pair a bright future!

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