It is painful to lose a loved one. However, losing two children at once is a tragedy that nobody should ever experience.

This family has experienced the most tragic event and is asking for your prayers.

Mother of three, aged 35, to visit their grandma, Debbie Amaya, was bringing her daughter Jade, age 16, and two sons, Chris and Damian, ages 2 and 13, respectively.

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The unexpected event occurred just as the family was getting going on their trip. A speeding car that ran a red light triggered a deadly collision.


The reckless motorist struck Debbie’s SUV head-on, and the force of the hit caused the SUV to be pushed more than 100 feet and crash into a fence and a parked automobile. Everyone who was inside the SUV sustained significant injuries.

The negligent driver struck some parked cars before his own car “erupted into flames.” He then started to leap from the on-fire car.

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Later, a witness recalled how the driver jumped out and exclaimed, “I killed those kids? I was asked if I had killed them, and I replied, “Yes.”

But the situation in Debbie’s SUV was terrible. Jade suffered just minor wounds, and Debbie was also freed from surgery. But her two boys weren’t as fortunate.

They both perished in the collision.

While two-year-old Damian Amaya-Pineda struggled to survive for a week following the accident, 13-year-old Chris Amaya-Pineda died practically instantly.

The shock and sadness that the deaths brought left the family numb. Debbie, who was inconsolable, stated, “A mother should never bury her children. And the fact that I lost more than one pains me terribly. Two of my boys passed away.

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Mario Pineda was the only parent of the young family who was not in the car at the time of the collision. At the moment, he was at his job.

The trauma that comes with losing two family members unexpectedly and violently is still a problem for the family.

Jade, 16, deals with survivor’s guilt due to the accident.

Her mother, Debbie, said, “She even told me she felt horrible because she made it alive.” I advised her not to feel that way. She misses her brothers.

Debbie is coping with her guilt for feeling to blame for the disaster even though it wasn’t her fault. She said, crying, “I didn’t see it coming. “I didn’t anticipate it.”

The Pineda family’s friends and family supported them during this trying time. They began a fundraiser to help gather money for the family’s funeral fees, medical costs, and other costs as they grieved.

In just over a week, the fundraiser raised over $85,000. The family was appreciative while also lamenting their loss.

Debbie’s sister told everyone, “The Amaya and Pineda family wants you all to know how much they value and appreciate all of your prayers, love, and support.”

All we can do is send our condolences and hold out hope that the family will be able to move past this tragedy, even though they are saddened and will need time to recover.

Please join us in praying for and thinking about the Pineda family.

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