Most of us rush to get everything we need for the big day as the bustling holiday season gets underway.

It may be a very stressful time of year for families already having trouble just keeping a roof over their heads because of how expensive it is.

As their dream home was being built, dad Brad Crow was hurt, and as a result, his leg had to be amputated. This was just the beginning of the family’s challenges.

He was compelled to take a year off of work; as a result, leaving his wife to work as the only source of support as a school bus driver.

Living in a camp trailer


As if dealing with all of this stress wasn’t enough, the couple’s plans to build their dream home had to be put on hold, so the couple and their two adopted children were forced to keep living in a shop in a freezing camp trailer.

The Crow family of Idaho was going through a lot of hardship when a surprising gift from a Secret Santa one day arrived and completely changed their status.

Brad got osteosarcoma, a rare bone cancer, when he was 14. He had to go through painful rounds of chemotherapy and radiation.

Also, one of his leg bones had to be taken out and replaced with bone from a dead person.

Leg amputated

In 2018, Brad and his wife Erica started building their own dream house, but their plans were quickly put on hold when Brad broke his leg.

He needed surgery due to the injuries, which caused him to get infected with staph and almost die. Brad’s limb had to be amputated.

YouTube/Inside Edition

“Afterward, we found out he had another disease, and he had to replace his hip,” Erica told Inside Edition.

Erica’s sister called their local TV station to ask for help for the couple through its Secret Santa program. Their family couldn’t ignore how hard things were for them.

Secret Santa is a “real person who wants to stay secret and wants to help as many people as he can,” according to

The local families who live in the area and have the greatest need for assistance are each given half a million dollars thanks to the assistance of the news station.

For the Crow family, a gift of $50,000 for home upgrades and a year of health insurance changed their lives.

Watch the video below to see the couple’s delighted reaction when they open the gift from Secret Santa.

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YouTube/Inside Edition

We should always be grateful to the people who help others when they don’t get credit for it, especially when they do it when times are hard for families.

We ask that you please share this to honor the selfless and humble Secret Santa, and we hope the New Year brings the Crow family nothing but success, health, and happiness.

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