In all honesty, it makes sense that so few people are interested in adopting elder cats. People looking for a new pet want to spend as much time as possible with their cats, which is usually not the case with older cats. For a cat, settling into a new place can be a stressful and frightening process.

The adult cat might have been forced to break a bond with human friends or other animals after being removed from a familiar environment. Now he has to readjust to a whole new environment. However, that doesn’t change the fact that older cats still require care and affection.

Thelma is one of many older cats overloaded in shelters; she was given to a Brisbane organization in October this year. Shelters for animals are important. They protect from the elements, provide medical attention for ill or injured animals, comfort those in pain, and provide a warm human connection.

There would frequently be no choices for these animals. Due to increasing living expenses, her family could not continue to provide for her. Therefore she was placed in a shelter. Sadly, because of its limitations, the shelter was unable to assist.


The good news is that they were able to swiftly locate a foster home for the sad cat after contacting Best Friends Felines.
Thelma was beautiful even at the age of 22. The organization decided to help her by feeding her and caring for her healthcare issues.

Thelma wasn’t in the best of health, given her age of twenty. The proper care for this cat was discovered by Best Friends Felines thanks to the power of social media and a moral victory.

Thelma is thriving in her new home after overcoming her health issues. She will have to have a full belly and receive the proper love and cuddles for the rest of her life, as is only fair.




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