Even regular days frequently have the chance to change from what they were. The day that would be wonderful for this family turned out to be their darkest nightmare. Without this bunch of young men, situations might have been very different.

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The falling snow has 8-year-old Olivia Heid and her 4-year-old brother RJ giddy with joy. They were sure it would be a great snowy day for their first-time sledding. They boarded a sled for a fun-filled afternoon at the country club their parents took them to in New Jersey. They were having a great time when their sled suddenly lost control and careered directly into a frozen pond, crashing through the ice.

Five teenagers were hanging out casually when they heard a loud crash from a nearby frozen pond. They acted fast in the direction of the noise. They saw two small children struggling to stay afloat at the pond, where their sled had burst through the ice. The young people acted quickly, skillfully forming a human chain to rescue the helpless, trapped children.


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Kieran Foley, a 14-year-old Boy Scout, bravely dove into the chilly water to save younger RJ and then Olivia, her elder sister. As quickly as he could, he passed each child to his friends, who had formed a human chain. “We had to do something; we couldn’t just sit there and watch,” Kieran said of the daring rescue.

The children’s mother described the terrible experience: “You could see the fear in their eyes.”

Because Kieran and Drew were both scouts in Middletown Boy Scout Troop 47, the young men were prepared for one legitimate goal. They probably acquired the ability throughout their training.

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Olivia recalled when she and her younger brother fell into the icy water by saying, “We were shaking.”

The boys were unaffected by the fact that the muck and freezing water had damaged their sneakers and iPhones. One of the teenagers rightly remarked, “Things can be replaced, not lives.”

Richard, the grateful father of the saved children, remarked, “What they did was just amazing.” The teenagers’ maturity and their shared willingness to help strangers surprised him.

“We hope that anybody would do that. It just happened to be us there.”  It just so happened that we were there.

The parents of Olivia and RJ disagree, claiming that the teenagers moved bravely, quickly, and without hesitation to save their children. They think teenagers are deserving of all the praise in the world.

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They were absurdly modest. They only wanted to ensure my kids were okay; they had no other desires. My kids kept hearing, “You’re safe now,” from them. At home, you’ll enjoy a nice bath and hot chocolate. Stephanie described the pleasant conversation.

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These young role models’ selfless deed is an iconic examples of the importance of giving to others.

They risked their own lives to avert a horrific catastrophe. Join us in recognizing these unsung heroes by sharing this touching story of brave kids saving strangers from harm.

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