“I was working as a flight attendant when I noticed a 15-year-old girl sitting beside an older male. I spoke with them. I then sensed that there was a problem. She was unattractive, although he was dressed nicely.” She did this, as you can see.

Most people associate flying with pleasant experiences and thrilling trips. Sadly, not everyone has that viewpoint.

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Shelia Fredrick has been a flight attendant for many years and is accustomed to dealing with challenging passenger scenarios. But she didn’t anticipate seeing something that would alter her life. She did, though, on the journey from Seattle to San Francisco.

When she boarded the aircraft, she observed something peculiar: a blonde girl wearing ratty clothing was seated next to an older man wearing fine clothing. As she passed them, Shelia took note of the girl’s expression. She experienced a sensation of urgency as the girl’s gaze penetrated her deeply.


“My initial impression of this girl was quite peculiar. There seemed to be a problem for me. The first clue was that the girl was so poorly clothed compared to the male. Sheila mused to herself that the difference was too significant.

The man became very combative when she tried to speak to him. Shelia began to suspect something was wrong.

“At first, I thought something wasn’t right. He was considerably more responsible than the young woman seated next to him, and he violently responded to any movement. I’m grateful that I acted promptly to save a life.

After a little while, she set down a pen and paper in the bathroom. If the girl ever needed assistance, she hoped she would use these.

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Shelia again passed the girl and motioned for her to use the restroom. The young woman got up and went to the restroom.

When Sheila returned, she saw a letter saying, “I need help.”

She quickly dialed the police. Police were prepared to apprehend the man when the planes touched down.

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They learned that the 14-year-old victim of human trafficking was. It had just been two months since her kidnapping.

The organization known as Airline Ambassadors International was founded by retired flight attendant Nancy Rivard. They instruct staff members on how to spot indicators of human trafficking.

They trained Shelia to help her see it more clearly in the future once she found this girl.

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