They had no idea the 7-year-old child from Jacksonville, Florida, who was drenched in water and stood at their door would implore them to save his father and sister, who were caught in the swift currents of the neighboring river.

Chase Poust, the young hero of our tale, adores his little sister Abigail. Steven Poust, the father of the children, takes them outside often, but he never expected that one day his son would save him and his daughter from drowning.

On May 28, 2021, the family was having a typical day when they went fishing in Jacksonville, Florida’s St. Johns River. Unaware of fate’s plans, the children were eager to swim in the water and catch some fish.



Catching fish in the river

Steven’s kids dove into the water in the hopes that they would have fun as he fished from his anchored boat. Abigail, who was 4 years old, was the only person required by law to wear a life jacket while using the type of boat Steven owned. That meant that when Chase dove into the ocean, he was not wearing a life jacket.

The children kept clutching the boat while they were in the river so they wouldn’t stray too far from their father. Abigail lost control of the boat as a sudden, strong current hit the kids. Chase attempted to catch the young girl when she began to float away but failed to maintain control of the boat.

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Jumping to save his kids

Steven quickly jumped into the sea to save his children after leaving his fishing pole behind. A fun-filled day that he had dreamed of quickly turned into a nightmare.

While Chase was heading towards dry land, Steven lost sight of his daughter and was probably worried as he watched her float away.

Steven realized he would need additional help to save himself and his children after diving into the sea. He swiftly created a plan to safely reach land.

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Feeling Unsure

“I told them both I loved them because I wasn’t sure what was going to happen,” Steven admitted. Then he told Chase to swim back to the shore and call for help. Chase remembered:

“I felt really scared.”

Steven suddenly lost control over his daughter and probably felt scared as he watched her drift away as Chase moved towards the dry shore. Little Chase was the only one who could help Steven and Abigail.

Chase Poust. | Source:

Chase Poust. | Source:

Saving his family by swimming

Chase had started swimming one mile from the shore. He agreed that the current was in the opposite direction, making it difficult to swim that way.

Chase finally made it to the shore after an hour of trying to float on his back and doggie paddling. He hurried over to the first house he saw and impatiently started knocking.

When the residents opened the door, Chase was put in touch with Jacksonville’s police officers. First responders from the Jacksonville Fire and Rescue Department and officials from Florida Fish and Wildlife moved toward Steven and Abigail.

Steven, Abigail, and Chase Poust. | Source:

Steven, Abigail, and Chase Poust. | Source:

The Government-Aided Chase

After an hour, the police showed up and immediately freed Steven and his daughter. The parent thought that God helped his son go the long distance by himself. Steven also said

“Little man… made it to shore and got help, and that’s what saved our lives.”

Later, Steven admitted that he and Abigail had been in the river for almost two hours before help arrived. He added that he kept shouting for assistance so that the authorities could see them readily.

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The Strange Story

The public was quickly interested in Chase’s story. An officer of the Jacksonville Fire & Rescue Department spoke during a press conference and said:

“We’re happy to say all three have recovered, and all three are doing well.”

Chase said, “I have no idea,” in response to the interviewer’s question on how he was able to swim a mile and save his family.

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The Remarks

When they read about Chase’s bravery on various web-based social media sites, web users were amazed. These are a few of the remarks they made:

“So mature and brave for his age. His parents raised him right!”

― (@Wyn Aban) May 31, 2021

“Heroes come in all ages. What a brave boy. Your family must be very proud of you.”

― (@Donnie Phillips Miller) May 31, 2021

“He floated on his back to rest so he could keep swimming. This little guy is an angel. Swimming lessons for all kids should start early.”

― (@Holly Hox Vinegar) May 31, 2021

Although Chase’s actions were unexpected, we are glad they prevented his family from drowning. Tell your family and friends the boy’s tale. It might make their day happier.

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