The best for someone is what you want when you sincerely care about them. You are truly in love when you put the other person above yourself. Each love tale is exceptional.

The amazing love story of Raymond and Velva Breuer has piqued interest among people across the country.

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Most of Raymond and Velva’s lives were spent as a married couple. They were raised in the same town, attended the same elementary school, and earned high school diplomas.

Velva received a burn from Raymond’s hot poker, leaving a mark on her skin. At a gathering honoring their 77th wedding anniversary, Raymond claimed, “She married me to get even with me.”


Despite a challenging start, the pair wed in Phelps County, Missouri, their home county, in 1940. They have six children, 18 grandchildren, and several great-grandchildren and great-great-grandchildren. The family quips that they had lost count of the number of people. Their love for their family and one another astounded everyone they knew.

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According to Pastor Cheri Reisch, Raymond, and Velva always sat together in the first row of the church, holding hands as a sign of their undying affection. They were both healthy and active for their ages and enjoyed reading to keep their wits sharp.

Raymond didn’t want to be apart from Velva when she had to visit a treatment facility, so he accompanied her there.

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Booby Breuer, Raymond’s son, revealed that his father had jokingly suggested to a nurse that if he and Velva died simultaneously, they should be buried together. The comment was overheard by others, who questioned the funeral director about it.

Holding Velma’s hand, Raymond passed away on August 4. Velma joined her beloved in paradise less than 30 hours after Velma did. The ages of Velma and Raymond were 97 and 96, respectively.

They recalled their father making light of his desire to be buried with Velma as their family prepared for the funeral. However, the family realized that being together forever would be ideal. Therefore, the adorable duo was laid to rest in a single casket while still holding hands.

While the family was devastated by the loss of their dear parents, they were aware that they were carrying out their desires by interring them together in a grave.

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