Although some may disagree, I believe that, at this point, it is necessary to acknowledge that all animals have emotions. Sure, some more than others, but the times when humans could look at the animals with which we share this planet and categorically refer to them as beasts are long gone.

Animals may experience love, grief, fear, and delight; occasionally, pictures or films capture instances where they genuinely demonstrate how in tune they are.

On PBS in 2000, a similar event was experienced as a result of a story that soon went viral worldwide. It is about two ex-circus elephants divided for an astounding 22 years. You don’t want to miss the painful scene caught on camera when they finally got back together.


In the video, the elephant Shirley and Jenny are seen interacting for the first time in almost twenty years, which was captured at the Elephant Sanctuary in Tennessee. Even though it’s common knowledge that elephants have an amazing memory, this exhibition of love and affection is incredibly moving.


The two elephants renewed a connection they had when they were both circus performers, shocking even the keepers.


Shirley and Jenny quickly bridge a more than twenty-year gap after immediately recognizing one another upon entering the gates.


The planet should be a happy place for all animals.

We don’t have the right to hold them hostage!

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