I’m Bella. Her unique diagnosis, Morquio syndrome, makes her an ordinary 11-year-old girl. Bella’s condition means she has no way to regain her mobility, which has been slowly declining over the years.

Her family was informed of the precise course of events a few years ago: Eventually, their daughter could not move around alone.

But the family remained hopeful.

When George entered the picture, Bella’s life was permanently altered.

Photo: YouTube


George and Bella are close friends. He assists her in walking, allowing her to travel anywhere she wishes. He is wearing a harness with the words “service dog” and “do not pet” on it.

George has earned the title of Bella’s hero due to his obligations; the two are practically inseparable. BellaandGeorge

One day, Bella decided that it was time to give her loyal friend a break. Because he gave her so much, she wanted to repay him.

Photo: YouTube

Bella’s family contacted BarkPost, a well-known website hosting events called “Dog’s Best Days.” After hearing Bella’s tale, the gang proposed to make George’s day the “best day” ever.

Bella had many enjoyable activities planned for the two of them to do together. She wanted to convey how much she appreciated everything George did, so they shared a burger and played in the snow together like George enjoyed doing.

Photo: YouTube

Bella can now move around without a wheelchair, thanks to George. She adores the independence this affords her, and being with George has given her a new closest friend.

The video from George’s “Dog’s Best Day” can be seen below.


Bella says, “George is joyful, always happy, and always there to cheer you up. He is my best friend.”

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