Due to the unjust misconception that pit bulls are cruel and aggressive, many have difficulty finding homes. Because of their breed, pit bulls are the most prevalent dogs in shelters.

So when a considerable pit bull recently entered a shelter, everyone knew it would be difficult to match him with the ideal family, but Ace has now found a happy ending.

A massive 103-pound pit bull named Ace was reported to Ventura County Animal Services on January 4:



The Dodo said Ace’s relatives had been looking after him for a different relative. After several fruitless attempts to place the dog, they gave him up to the shelter because they had no intention of keeping him for the long term.

Despite his frightening size, Ace was a lovely, intelligent dog who had lived with both children and other dogs before, according to Ventura County Animal Services.

They said on Facebook that Ace “has lived with a small dog” and “is fantastic with kids.” “His favorite pastimes are playing with other dogs, taking walks, and receiving pet attention. He can be left alone for a workday if necessary because he has been housebroken and trained to utilize a crate.

Even when he is being playful, he is quiet and peaceful. Thinking he’s a lap dog is his peculiarity.

Despite Ace’s lovely disposition, they were aware that his size and breed would present a problem for potential adopters who came to the shelter: “We fear that as a 103lb pit bull, folks strolling by his kennel might not give him a chance to show what a sweetheart he is,” they wrote.

Nevertheless, they remained confident that Ace would find the ideal home someday and told the world about him.

According to Jules Hooper of Ventura County Animal Services, Ace would thrive in a home with another calm dog and a yard where they can play. “Due to his size, he can pull quite hard when out for walks. The ideal would be a strong adult who could lead him on a leash. The most crucial factor is that he finds a caring family!

Thankfully, Ace’s story gained widespread attention, and the shelter allegedly received requests for adoption from all over the nation. On January 9, they also provided this encouraging update: Ace was an adoptive child!

The shelter published a picture of Ace and his new father: They stated, “We’re over the moon that Ace has found his forever family.


Although Ace’s story has a happy ending, Ventura County Animal Services hopes this large dog’s attention may encourage people to think about other pit bulls that need homes.

While it’s fantastic that Ace got so much attention, we’re hopeful that everyone who cares about Ace will help us find homes for the other pit bulls in our shelter that are so frequently forgotten. They wrote, “Many of which had been in the shelter for months.

We are overjoyed that Ace has a home now. Even though he may be significant, he has more love to share.

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