Goldie Hawn, 77, has her greatest life: she has seven grandchildren, enjoys sports and mountaineering, lives in a six-million-dollar mansion, and has been married to Kurt Russell for 39 years.

Kurt Russell and Goldie Hawn first became met while filming in 1966. “The One and Only, Genuine, Original Family Band.” Russell was only 16 years old, and Hawn was 21.

The actress thought he was too young for her and didn’t expect their meeting would result in anything meaningful. However, when they reconnected years later, she suddenly recalled how much she had liked him when they had first met. However, she believed he was too young then, and they had both agreed they would never date actors.



The couple gave birth to Wyatt Russell, their only child, just twenty years after meeting. By that time, Russell and his ex-wife Season Hubley already shared a son, Boston, while Hawn and her ex-husband Bill Hudson had two children together, Kate and Oliver.

They saw their love as a lucky win.

Between Hawn and Russell, as well as between their kids, there is a lot of love. Russell spoke about his one true love in 1990, saying:

“If you’re lucky enough to have someone like Goldie Hawn come along and feel the way she feels, you’re just lucky.”


This sentiment was shared by their kids, who also had Russell there. Oliver, Goldie’s son, once praised his stepfather and mother in front of the media. He even mentioned how close-knit their family was and how they had chosen to reside nearby. “They’re amazing people, grandparents, amazing parents,” he gushed.

2019 saw the $6.9 million sale of Hawn and Russell’s longtime Los Angeles residence. The longtime couple chose to live in a property closer to their children and grandchildren, given that Oliver’s interview on living near his parents is from 2021.

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Even though the Hollywood A-listers have been courting for almost 40 years, many people are still confused about why they haven’t yet wed. In 2015, Hawn provided an end-all solution by admitting that, had she wed, she would have already been through a long divorce, much like in her first relationship with Hudson.

In Hawn’s opinion, marriage is a “psychological thing” that may set people back. The actress treasures her freedom and the knowledge that she is not “bound” to anyone by a formal union. She feels free to pursue her interests without being married and remain happily in love with Russell.

She and Russell have shown over time that a successful relationship does not require marriage. They continue to be deeply in love with one another and have a solid off-screen and on-screen relationship decades later.

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They went on to star in several additional films after the first one that brought them together, including the most recent Netflix original movies “The Christmas Chronicles” and “The Christmas Chronicles: Part Two.”

What is the key to their enduring relationship, exactly? Russell acknowledges that there is no correct response to that. The actor even quips that he despises discussing what has kept their relationship strong over the years.

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Instead, Russell says that he handles each scenario daily depending on what is happening. He emphasizes the importance of actions over words and the need for people to accept one another for who they are, saying that this has made his friendship with Hawn what it is now.

Goldie Hawn, 77, is still enjoying life.

Hawn, who was born in 1945, was destined to become famous. She was performing on stage and displaying her ballet skills at age 3. Years later, she still takes pride in her gift and regularly shares videos of herself dancing on Instagram with her followers and friends.

Hawn is a sight to see when she’s having fun and in the company of those she loves, celebrating life in all its small and big moments, whether dancing with Russell or shaking a leg with a dance instructor.

More than the success she’s achieved in her career, there’s nothing in the world that makes Hawn prouder than her children and grandchildren.


Hawn is quite active in sports and dancing to keep herself young. She practices yoga, rides a bike, and summits mountains in her free time. She likes spending time in nature and believes outside has amazing advantages for physical and mental health. She revealed:

“Connecting with nature and the environment can improve our mood, lower blood pressure, and reduce feelings of stress and anger. Research also shows that spending outside is linked to higher concentration levels, creativity, and improved mental clarity.”


Although Hawn maintains a busy lifestyle, her seven grandchildren, who adoringly refer to her and Russell as Gogi and Gogo, are what keep the actress youthful.

She cherishes spending time with her family and considers them her most valuable possessions. Russell dressed as the prince and Hawn as a lady-in-waiting for one of her grandchildren’s birthday parties.

She wrote in her adorable caption, “I’ll take Lady in waiting for (sic) everyday (sic) as long as the prince is always beside me!”


Hawn, who is gushing about being a grandma, gives everyone one piece of advice: “a good family is an answer to happiness.”  Nothing in the world makes Hawn more proud than her children and grandchildren, not even the amount of success she has had in her profession.

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