When a woman announced to her grandma that she and her companion of eight years were getting married, she was surprised by her response. Her grandmother asked her immediately if she would like to be a bridesmaid. The next event was both profoundly moving and significant.

Vita Cresswell resided with her charming family in Seaton, Cumbria, England. She and her three siblings – two sisters and a brother- were very close with their grandmother Martha Wallbank, who raised them as a single parent as Veronica Cresswell’s only child.

As a single mother, Wallbank allegedly worked three jobs to support her daughter. Vita added that when she and her siblings were younger, her loving grandma cared for them by taking them on long walks and indulging them with her tender love and compassion.

A Loving Grandma


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Wallbank, who was originally from Yorkshire, resided in Kirkland Bungalows in Cockermouth, Cumbria, until she was 98 years old, according to Vita. The devoted grandma moved into Maryport’s Solway House care home after that.

The priest announced something special during the Cumbria couple’s nuptials at Lorton Church.

A Special Connection

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The Seaton woman claimed that she and her siblings loved their vivacious grandma dearly and that she played a significant role in their lives. Vita further added:

“We are all close, and I am fortunate to live the closest to her, so we spend lots of time together.”

A Cute Response

Vita knew she had to inform her cherished grandma of her decision to wed the love of her life when she made that decision in 2016.

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Wallbank’s reaction was priceless when she learned that her lovely granddaughter had decided to marry and settle down with her partner of eight years. Vita remembered the precise moment when her cherished granny responded:

“She just perked up and said, ‘I’m the bridesmaid, aren’t I?’”

Picking the Date

When choosing the date, Vita and her 31-year-old fiancé Gary Whineray decided they didn’t want their wedding to be about them. Therefore, they came up with a strategy. On their grandmother’s birthday, the pair decided to hold their wedding.

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You might be curious why the pair decided to marry on Wallbank’s birthday. Here’s what Vita had to say about it:

“We wondered how people pick dates, so we decided to pick [Martha’s] birthday. Then she just said, ‘I’m the bridesmaid, aren’t I,’ and we just thought, why not and went along with it. She was made up; it was so cute.”

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The Gorgeous Bridesmaid

Thus, Vita, 29,’s happy grandmother served as her bridesmaid and guest of honor on April 8, 2016, when Vita, 29, walked down the aisle. An antique cream coat and a light blue bonnet embellished with lace and feathers completed Wallbank’s stylish ensemble.

Whineray and Vita recounted that their jovial granny was the star of their special day celebrations, stealing the show. “I bet she was thinking, ‘Why do you keep looking at them? It’s my day.’ It was gorgeous how happy she was. She had a ball,” added Vita.

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A Wonderful Day

According to reports, Wallbank chose all the hymns and even the reception food for her granddaughter’s big day. As she recalled, Vita

“It couldn’t have worked out any better. We got her posies, and she was in the same colors as the other bridesmaids. She was singing and laughing and waving at everybody.”

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Happy Birthday

The priest delivered a surprising announcement during the Cumbria couple’s nuptials at Lorton Church. The visitors then quickly sang Wallbank a happy birthday song.

Vita and Whineray reported that their day was remarkable, and everything worked out just as they had hoped.

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The couple was concerned that Wallbank, who was largely healthy except from a few memory difficulties, may mistakenly believe she was the bride because of her love for the groom.

The Lovely Record Holder

Vita explained that Whineray was extremely beloved by her grandmother. She claimed that the two had a lovely connection, with Wallbank making fun of Whineray and showing great emotion over her condition.

The pair claimed they had a fantastic time when they reflected on their happy day. However, what made them happy was that their wonderful grandmother, wearing her bridesmaid appearance, had a birthday to remember.


The Online Messages

The kind grandmother’s story went viral on social media, eliciting feedback from internet users all over the world:

“Oh, this has made me cry buckets! Martha, good on you!! 100 years young. Vita, you’re a wonderful granddaughter (sic).”

— (@susie.clayton.7) April 29, 2016

“A very happy birthday Martha. What a lovely bride and bridesmaid.”

— (@linda.scott.14224) April 28, 2016

“What a wonderful and loving granddaughter. Her Grandma must be very proud of her. I hope they had a wonderful double celebration (sic).”

— (@dolores.lavety) April 27, 2016

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