A lovely video of an elderly guy hugging his granddaughter for the first time has surfaced online. When web users discovered the background of the video, they couldn’t help but feel moved.

The hero of today’s tale is a grandfather who lost his wife, Anna, the love of his life, in the summer of 2021. His life hasn’t been the same since then, but an unexpected event that occurred a year later helped him feel better.

He called his wife “Anny,” and losing her had a huge effect on him. A person who loses their partner is left with a gap that no other person can fill, but fortunately for this grandfather, he discovered someone who made his life better.

Anna and her husband | Source:

Anna and her husband | Source:


The Pain of Losing a Loved One

After Ashley Lemieux’s grandma passed away, she observed how her grandfather’s life changed. She adored him and could relate to his loss of a loved one because she had had a similar experience.

Lemieux and her husband had planned to have their son, Jayce, in 2020. Unaware that their baby boy wouldn’t live, they couldn’t wait to hug their infant in their arms.

After losing Jayce, Lemieux described her sentiments in a devastating Instagram post. She recounted that a lullaby was played every time a baby was delivered to the hospital. She had hoped for the lullaby, but when it played after Jayce was born, she was heartbroken since her child was no longer there. She admitted:

“I miss him so much it physically hurts.”


The Baby Girl

One of the worst things that ever happened to her was losing her baby, but fate soon brought a new person who helped her cope with her sadness. A baby girl was born to a depressed mother named “Annie Rae.”

Watching her beloved grandfather hold her daughter for the first time was an emotional moment for her.

The little girl’s name was the same as that of Lemieux’s grandmother, which added to the significance of her birth. Lemieux captured the priceless moment when her grandfather held Annie for the first time when he traveled from Wisconsin to see Annie.


Grandpa held the small girl.

The touching video shows the grandfather holding Annie in his arms as he adores the young daughter. He then touches her cheek while smiling at the camera. Even holding Annie’s tiny hand, he is beaming broadly. Lemieux remarked

“He loved my grandma so much, and he’s not usually an emotional person, but them sharing a part of her name meant a lot to him.”

Lemieux captioned her Instagram video, “Just like Anny.” She was overcome with emotion when she saw her adored grandpa embrace her daughter for the first time.

Annie Rae and her great-grandfather | Source:

Annie Rae and her great-grandfather | Source:

Lemieux even posted funny chats with her grandfather about her job on her Instagram. He described her as someone who “talked a lot” and “told people about things other people sent her” because he was unfamiliar with Instagram influencers.

The Online Reaction

The sweet bond Lemieux shared with her grandfather moved netizens to tears, and they commented on her Instagram video. Here are a few examples:

“This makes my heart so happy. He’s so happy. I love nothing more than grandparents meeting their great-grandkids. Something so special about the bond that they have. The way she smiles up at him.”

― (@jescolsonhil) July 31, 2022

Ashley Lemieux with her grandfather | Source:

Ashley Lemieux with her grandfather | Source:

“I’m so emotional going through your videos. This is beyond precious.”

― (@cocoteela) August 13, 2022

“Such a special moment. Love that she is named after her great-grandma.”

― (@amanaram) July 31, 2022

As tiny Annie ages, we hope she forms a close relationship with her devoted great-grandfather. We wish the child every success and ask that she bring her family unending joy.

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