Our unique relationship with our grandparents can be appreciated by those of us who are fortunate enough to know them.

No one is more aware of this than Matthew Stewart, a well-known TikToker from Florida whose bond with his 88-year-old grandmother Bobbe was so strong that he created a separate room in his house for her to live in.

Bobbe captured smiling in a photo. | Instagram

Stewart wanted to express his gratitude to his grandmother for all she had done for him. His movies of his cherished grandmother quickly won over the hearts of people worldwide.

When Stewart learned that his grandmother had Alzheimer’s disease, he wanted to ensure she was secure, so he moved her in with him and his wife.


The dedicated grandson posted a video on Instagram in October 2020 of the moment he told GB that she would be moving in with him.

Instagram Video

Stewart takes his grandmother to the construction site of their new home and tells her that there is a bedroom, sitting room, and bathroom specifically for her so she may move in with them.

As GB begins to sob, Stewart admits hearing GB’s remark, “Just to know someone wants me,” nearly broke his heart.

Stewart said he was happy to be able to show his grandma some love in return because she had supported him through some of his most trying times in life. Stewart said it was the least he could do.

Later on, when his grandmother’s regular salon had been closed for some time due to the pandemic, he described another heartbreaking moment when he decided to turn his house into a salon to fix her hair.

Despite lacking haircare expertise, he intervened and gave his beloved GB the finest care possible to cheer her up.

According to Grandma Bobbe, Stewart made her “beautimous.” She called the event unique and said that she had a nice time spending time with her grandchild. More than 1.3 million people watched the salon session after hearing about it on social media.

When Stewart and his wife announced they were having a baby and that Great Britain would soon become a Great Britain, it was a beautiful moment captured in the last video Stewart posted to Instagram. Grandma was so overwhelmed that she lost her words and began to cry. She finally managed to speak, stating she was prepared to change diapers.

Sadly, GB suffered a fall right after the news and had to enter rehab to heal. Sadly, the cherished Grandma passed away at the end of January, contrary to Stewart’s hopes that the good news would encourage her to get well and return home.

The young man observed Grandma Bobbe’s 89th birthday on February 13, 2022. In a video posted to Instagram, he showcased some of her most lovely moments.

A daughter for the couple is expected in April.

Instagram Video

This great woman gave so much joy to many people and reminded us all to cherish our loved ones, especially those who have supported us throughout our lives and now depend on us for assistance as they age.

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