Toddlers have a limited understanding of the world, so when they discover something new, they are eager to share it with others.

Owen, the toddler son of Colby and Alyssa Hacker, adored saying “Hello” and “Bye” to visitors. Still, a man’s rebuke to her son’s boisterous welcomes left her in tears on this particular occasion.

Given how wonderful it is for parents to see their child’s firsts, it makes sense that Owen’s parents didn’t care to who he screamed these greetings because it was his way of expressing himself and honing his language skills.

Owen wanted to play with some dinosaurs on the shelf as the Oklahoma mother and her kid were out shopping at Target in Fort Smith, Arkansas.


Three dinos were seized by her son, who placed them in their cart. Like any toddler, Owen was unsure which dinosaur he wanted and chose all three.

A more senior man who was shopping nearby stopped, called Owen a “sweet boy,” and played with dinosaurs with him. Alyssa posted about the event on Facebook and stated:

“The man got his wallet out and pulled a $20 out; he put it in Owen’s pocket on his shirt and said, ‘I just lost my 2-year-old grandson last week. You take this money and buy this boy all three dinosaurs.’”

According to Alyssa, the man caressed Owen’s back, dried his tears, and left. After the man, Owen yelled, “Thank you.”

“Hold onto these memories.”

This world still has some good, Alyssa wrote.

The mother ended herself “crying in the middle of Target,” despite first feeling a little protective of Owen.

With the $20, Alyssa purchased the three dinosaurs. She remarked, “I never imagined a toy animal from Target could have more meaning than these three stuffed dinosaurs have. These recollections are ones that we’ll cherish always.

When Alyssa’s tweet went viral, she referred to her adorable boy as a “blessing” and expressed her joy at being able to share his light with the world. Alyssa added the following:

“I did pray that night that God would give me the ability to teach and translate to Owen what he did for that gentleman as well as what the gentleman did for us.”

I hope that one day Owen will comprehend the gravity of this man’s acts and be aware of the endearing answer he gave him. This wonderful experience will live on forever in the memories of this mom and grandfather.

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