There is a report that Blake Shelton and Gwen Stefani are expecting their first child together. This would be Gwen’s fourth child if this were to be accurate.

Blake recently revealed to a source that he is close with Gwen’s three sons, Kingston, Apollo, and Zuma, and he has a new appreciation for his significance in their lives. Now, a source claims that he plans to repeat the process, this time with his child.

The source also claims that Gwen tried IVF for a short period before giving up and becoming pregnant spontaneously.

Before their 2020 wedding, they tried IVF to conceive, and Gwen reportedly placed herself under such stress that it started to harm Blake.


They decided to concentrate on the children they already had, but in 2022, they saw a doctor who assisted Gwen in becoming pregnant.

According to the source, Gwen has been receiving acupuncture, practicing meditation, and attempting to relax. She has benefited from all of these, according to the source. According to reports, she is 53 years old and expecting her fourth child.

Some followers believe Gwen debuted her pregnancy bulge during the NYWICI Matrix Awards in October 2022.

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According to rumors, Gwen Stefani and Blake Shelton are expecting their first child together, which might be a girl. When the No Doubt singer appeared in public in October, keen-eyed admirers were certain that she was sporting a developing baby bump. However, two months have passed, and Stefani and Shelton have yet to confirm.

Life & Style stated that Gwen Stefani and Blake Shelton are still looking forward to the birth of their miracle child. Stefani conceived spontaneously at the age of 53 after years of unsuccessful IVF attempts.

She would become disappointed when it didn’t happen after each round because she would get her hopes up. She applied pressure on herself because she was so anxious to conceive a child with Blake; this was also difficult for him.

He detested seeing Gwen in that condition, the person claimed. The insider went on to say that Stefani and Shelton consider the former’s pregnancy to be a miracle of Christmas. Even the couple’s friends expressed excitement when they told them the news.

“Friends are speculating that Gwen, 53, is expecting. She and Blake are reportedly beyond thrilled, the person claimed.

Shelton is even more delighted to learn that his wife is finally pregnant because he doesn’t have a biological child. The country singer reportedly knows that his unborn child will be a girl. Because of this, he has a collection of little pink cowgirl boots and hats.

Shelton discussed the changes in his home life with Stefani since their initial move-in with People during his interview.

“I’m good to throw on my sweatpants at 6 p.m. and watch Ozark eight times since Gwen and I spent the first half of our lives working, touring, and traveling so much. Our current way of life, which we adore, “he stated.

Shelton said in the interview that his choice to leave The Voice had been difficult. However, he decided to spend more time with his wife and stepsons.

“It’s been difficult for me to let go of throughout the years, which has been the holdup. I’ve been here since the very first minute. I had been a country music musician for ten years when I first appeared on The Voice. Before I started coaching, I never truly reached the top tier of country musicians. The show did much more for me than I could contribute at the time. I’ve accomplished so much more than I ever imagined in the entertainment industry, “He stated.

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