When you see another person engaging in behavior that you find odd or don’t agree with, you should ask yourself if the behavior is harmful to anyone else and base your decision on that answer.

If the response is “no,” you should most likely remove yourself from the situation and mind your business. It is not up to you to decide what is best for other people, especially if you haven’t made an effort to learn why they have made the decisions they have.

You might have gotten a fresh perspective if you had asked about what was happening.

Phoebe Kannisto is the mother of six sons: a set of triplets who are five years old, a pair of twins who are eight years old, and an older son who is ten. Cheektowaga, New York, is where the family lives, and up until very recently, all six of the boys had very long hair.

How one cuts and styles their hair is an example that does not negatively impact anyone else. It’s a decision that only one individual can make, and I think we should all accept that. It makes no difference whether you like someone’s hairstyle or not as long as they are content with their chosen style.


Imagine that someone made fun of your appearance. How would you feel about that?

But a surprising number of individuals don’t appear to grasp this very simple idea, and they feel compelled to provide their opinions on everything from the food to the clothing to the hairstyles of a few young boys. While they were still growing their hair, all six boys were picked on because of their long hair. Adults were often the source of unnecessary and unfair judgments and cruel words, and it wasn’t simply other children their age who were engaging in bullying. And mature adults ought to have the best judgment!

An Important Reason

All those bullies were unaware that these boys were growing out their hair for a specific purpose, but they did it anyway. They had a friend of the family who passed away from cancer, and some of the boys were around the same age. The passing of their friend deeply impacted them, and as a result, they wanted to do something to lend a hand.

Therefore, all six boys concluded that they would let their hair grow long so it might be sent to the charitable organization Children with Hair Loss. It took some time, but the boys could give away 17 feet of hair in the end!

Watch the video below:

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Please take a moment to think about your actions before you ridicule someone or bully them for something you don’t fully get. If it doesn’t negatively affect anyone else, it has nothing to do with you.

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