They were shocked to discover a peculiar birthmark running over their daughter’s face when they brought her home. Some people did not concur, even if they saw the character as a special enhancement to her beauty. Her mother devised an excellent solution to draw attention to the bullying and call out the perpetrators as the criticism persisted.

Every child deserves to be loved and nurtured since they are unique, lovely, and beautiful. Real beauty is just skin deep, and in a society ruined by consumerism, it’s crucial to remember that our hearts, souls, and personalities make us special and distinguishable from the herd.

Children frequently have their first exposure to education and life-changing lessons at home, where parents and other adults do their best to impart good values. Similar to how many children rely on their strong support network when things go wrong, this young girl experienced a similar situation.

A terrified mother chose to respond to trolls who claimed to have questioned whether the face of her young daughter had been “pushed onto a frying pan.” Some even claimed that her “hideous-looking child” would never be able to date or find a partner due to her appearance.


She drew a heart on her face first, but then she imitated the full port-wine stain on her newborn girl’s face.

Marianna Bowering, an Adelaide, South Australia homeowner, never imagined she would need to defend her immaculate child from bullies and trolls. When her kid was born, there was a port-wine smear on her face that looked like a heart.

She was shocked when she first saw her baby girl, but the mother never treated her differently. Marianna believed that a girl’s distinctive quality was a beautiful complement to her other features and should be praised rather than criticized or hidden.

Responding to Bullies & Haters

On May 6, 2018, Baby Angelica entered the world with a pinkish-purple birthmark covering her entire face, including her forehead, eyes, nose, and chin. Despite how different she might have looked, Marianna was committed to giving her child great love and care.

Despite being perplexed by her daughter’s unique facial mark, Marianna’s relatives and friends were polite, caring, and welcoming of the little child. Unfortunately, the young girl wasn’t treated with the same warmth by others and endured a barrage of offensive comments in person and online.

Marianna claimed her daughter had been called “hideous” and a “defect.” According to a source, Angelica could never find a life spouse. The Australian mother remembered another online remark when someone inquired whether a pan had scalded her daughter’s face because “her face looked grilled.”

She recalled another harsh remark made by someone during a soccer game, calling Angelica a “defect” before walking away and leaving Marianna horrified and inconsolable. There was more, though. According to rumors, Marianna may have let her infant play with hot water, causing a burn on her face.

According to the Adelaide resident, she was advised to refrain from highlighting her daughter’s face. She became enraged by the online abuse after starting an Instagram account to spread awareness and showcase Angelica’s beauty.

The shocked mother expressed her worries and accused the onlookers of harassing the infant. However, Marianna was persuaded that she would never conceal her daughter’s uniqueness as the offensive remarks kept coming in.

Along with the hate speech, Marianna alleged that her daughter also received extremely careless and insensitive comments intended as “back-handed” praise.

Some reassured the mother that the facial spots on her daughter would go away with time, while others said that if Angelica didn’t like them, she could easily cover them up with makeup. Marianna was upset by these remarks and questioned why her baby girl couldn’t just show off her natural beauty instead of having to hide her face.

Marianna, a licensed beauty expert, was reportedly encouraged not to worry because her kid was still beautiful. Some even mistook Angelica’s birthmark for face paint and didn’t realize the difference until Marianna clarified it.

The mother was nonetheless subjected to various inquiries, many of which were blatantly offensive and cruel. Despite the criticism and unfavorable comments, Marianna was still optimistic that her daughter would succeed.

She said that Angelica was more than just the birthmark on her face and continued, “It’s [Angelica’s] superhero mask. She bares her heart on her sleeve.

Port-wine stains, also known as “capillary malformations,” are permanent birthmarks that can cause seizures, developmental delays, and glaucoma if they cover the eye area.

Marianna and her husband, who were both 27 then, reported that their daughter was fully healthy and that they had made sure she saw a doctor frequently.

Supporting Her Daughter & Raising Awareness

Marianna’s darling baby eventually developed into a lovely young lady, and her mother turned to a novel strategy to encourage her and spread awareness of her birthmark.

The Australian makeup artist imitated her two-year-old daughter’s birthmark on her face in May 2020 as a sign of support for her. The identical stain her daughter wore so boldly every day was reportedly recreated by her using a colorful makeup pallet.

The devoted mother credited “Vascular Birthmark Awareness Day” with inspiring her to develop the brilliant idea. She first merely drew a heart on her face, but then she drew a full-on port-wine stain like her newborn girl.

The 30-minute makeover enabled Marianna to convince her young princess that her birthmark was lovely and added to her specialness. The devoted mother claimed her efforts were successful as Angelica enthusiastically ran to her and beamed joyfully.

She adored the gesture, which was intended only for her, the charming parent said, inferring from her daughter’s response. Angelica’s mother wishes for her to learn to love, embrace her beauty, and find strength in it.

Many sweet pictures showing Angelica’s endearing charm and sincere grin may be found on her Instagram page. Angelica’s social media page is a sheer delight, with her long, brown hair and wide, bright eyes enhancing her upbeat demeanor.

Many internet users have sent the young girl meaningful remarks in the comment section, calling her “beautiful” and sending virtual roses and heart-eye emojis. She is admired for her appearance, and another user commented, “[She’s] so beautiful inside and out. Love her so much.”

Marianna revealed the news of her second pregnancy and shared a sweet photo of Angelica in another post from June 2021. Happy birthday, darling Beeb, a day late! Congratulations on the new package,” another internet user wrote.

On May 18, 2023, Angelica will turn five. She is Louka’s proud big sister and will be five years old. This young child is gorgeous; we do not doubt that she will continue brightening the world with her pleasure and happiness!

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