Dogs are such wise, devoted creatures. This is especially true for sheep herding dogs, who are responsible for keeping an eye on and guarding their flock.

A brave Great Pyrenees herding dog recently went above and above to protect the sheep by fending off a band of 11 rabid coyotes. On November 3, a pack of coyotes reportedly showed up at a house in Decatur, Georgia, and started chasing the owner’s sheep.


John Wierwille, the homeowner, claimed he could chase the coyotes away at first, but they returned later that evening.

But fortunately, Casper, his 20-month-old Great Pyrenees livestock guard dog, was nearby and prepared to protect the flock from the charging coyotes.


Casper mounted a valiant resistance after the coyotes entered the pen. After a 30-minute battle, Casper allegedly killed 8 coyotes. But to defend the sheep, the dog also sustained personal injuries.


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The remaining coyotes ran away, and when Casper followed them, the owner feared the dog had perished in the conflict. But after looking, John discovered his dog, who was still alive but badly hurt.

John told 11Alive, “He looked like death; I mean, he looked horrific.” He glanced at me and said, “Boss, stop looking at how horrible I look. Just take care of me,” when he returned home.

Casper lost his tail and suffered severe injuries to his neck and back. According to the vets and family, Casper was discovered in “poor, horrible health,” and they were initially uncertain if he would survive.


Nevertheless, Casper has been recovering slowly but steadily despite the odds against him. According to LifeLine Animal Project’s Dr. Susan Brosman, he’s fortunate to be still alive. Clinic manager Maisie Hale added, “He looks terrific now and is in good spirits. I cherish him. He’s a good boy.

Online donations paid Casper’s medical expenses, ranging between $15,000 and $20,000. Although Casper still has a few months to recuperate, he is in high spirits and is hailed as a hero. He’s a hero,

Dr. Brosman stated. Wishing Casper, the brave puppy, a speedy recovery. We appreciate you protecting these sheep while they were in peril.

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Do you know?

A local television station, WAGA-TV, reported that a pack of 11 coyotes attacked the farmer John Wierwiller’s flock last week. According to Wierwiller, Casper fiercely defended the sheep during the struggle, losing parts of his skin and a portion of his tail. The brave sheepdog killed eight coyotes and chased the other three from the battlefield.

Still, he didn’t return home immediately, so Wierwiller asked for assistance locating Casper on social media, according to CBS News. Two days later, Casper came home by himself to the family; he had risked his life to protect them.

He appeared to be telling my boss, “Boss, stop looking at how horrible I look; just take care of me,” according to Wierwiller. “It appeared like a coyote snatched his skin and immediately pulled it off.” Casper was taken to an emergency veterinarian, according to a Facebook post by Wierwiller. The veterinarians treated the open neck wound in the hopes that it would prevent infection.

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