A baby elephant made its most valiant effort to charge a tourist bus before giving up and returning to its mother. A 12-month-old calf was caught on video charging at visitors to Z’s South Luangwa National Park’s Mfuwe Lodge.

It launched its most terrifying attacks and attempted to jump onto its hind legs. On the other hand, the remainder of the herd continued to graze unhindered. When the calf realized it was alone, it turned around and raced back to its mother as fast as it could.

According to Amy Alderman of The Bushcamp Company, which leads the photographic excursions, a young calf reacting this way is unusual. Until they were a year old, the babies frequently clung to their mothers’ tummies, but this little guy felt bold enough to venture out into the world for the first time.


He’s already attempted a quick leap, which is challenging for an elephant. He had a loud demeanor and always pushed things to see how far he could go. When the rest of the herd disregarded the swarm of visitors and the guide’s attempts to scare them away, the guide claimed that he still needed his mother because he rushed back to her.

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