It is always heartbreaking when someone surrenders their pet to a shelter; however, there are times when it is for a justifiable reason: people who fell on hard times and cannot care for their pets any longer and want to do the right thing.

However, after word spread about a homeless teen who had to give up his dog, people were moved to help him out, ultimately leading to a heartwarming reunion with his pet.

On April 5, the Senatobia-Tate County Animal Shelter in Mississippi announced that a 17-year-old had given up his dog to the shelter’s care via social media. According to the post, the teenager was without a house and was living under a bridge. As a result, she could not provide the necessary care for her dog.

The animal shelter was compassionate, and it was obvious that the dog was given up as a last option out of necessity and with the animal’s best interest in mind.

It was obvious that the teen and his dog, a 4-month-old dog named Jada, had a loving bond: the teen walked her to the shelter to ensure she was taken in properly, and when the teen left, the dog was heartbroken and wouldn’t let him go.


According to what was written in the shelter’s log, “She kept herself pinned to his legs while he was here.”  After her owner neglected her, the dog can be seen in a photograph sobbing while lying on the ground.

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Even though the shelter said they were full, they made the following exception:

“How could we not take her in,” they wrote.

Their post quickly gained widespread attention on the internet, and as a result, it moved tens of thousands of people. They inquired whether there was a way by which they could assist the adolescent, specifically with regard to assisting him in regaining his feet so that he could get back together with his closest companion.

“If there [is] any way to help this sweet boy, please include me. We want to help,” one comment reads.

“Can we possibly foster the dog until the young man can get help??? The thought of me having to give up my dogs would possibly ruin me because they are my family,” another wrote. “We will help out in any way.”

Following the outpouring of public support, the sanctuary talked with the young man to determine whether or not he would accept their help. And things proceeded to take an encouraging turn from there.

The Senatobia-Tate County Animal Shelter wrote in an update that people could help the teen and his dog in one of two ways: either by contributing to the funding of the dog’s treatments, which include spaying and a year of flea/tick and heart prevention or by donating money or gift cards to the teen to help him get back on his feet. The dog’s treatments include spaying and a year of flea/tick and heart prevention.

The best part was when they announced that the teen boy “has a place to stay and will be soon getting his dog back.”

After their brief but heartbreaking separation, the two can be seen in a photo together, which is undoubtedly an enormous relief for them both.

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Facebook/FOX13 Memphis

Caring for a dog can be a financial burden that is difficult for people who are homeless to manage, but the love of a dog can mean everything in the world to people with so little else in their lives. There are numerous accounts of people living on the streets taking excellent care of their animals, even placing the welfare of their companions ahead of their wellbeing.

We sincerely hope that the outpouring of support will have an important impact in helping the 17-year-old and Jada remain together and prevail over their predicament.

And after it went viral, the story took an extra dramatic turn: a mother in Tennessee saw the story and said the teen was her son, who had been reported missing a year prior. And after it went viral, the story took an additional dramatic turn.

“I started crying,” she told WREG. “I wish he would come home. I want to see him. I’m not mad at him. I want him in my house. I want him to be here with me.”

The situation is still developing, and it is a private and personal matter; however, the most important thing is that this homeless teen can keep his dog and is no longer in danger. We have high hopes that things will turn around for them very shortly.

Thank you to everyone who worked together to bring this homeless teen and his loving dog back together. When it is so obvious that they care deeply for one another, it would be a terrible tragedy if life circumstances forced them to separate.

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