A young girl is upset to see her mother crying after learning that her father abandoned them for a younger lady. She pledges to put in a lot of effort to demonstrate in the future that they were never really in need of him.

Twelve-year-old Mia came home from school to find her mother sobbing in the living room. “Mom, what’s wrong? Where’s dad?” she asked, rushing to her mom’s side.

“Your dad left us,” her mom Lindy sobbed. “He left us for his secretary!” she yelled.

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Mia struggled to understand the seriousness of the issue since it just wouldn’t click with her. She did nothing but sit with her mother and console her.


“I’m sorry, Mom,” she said, stroking her mom’s back. “I’m here. I will never leave you,” Mia promised. “I will work hard so that we can prove to Dad that we never needed him anyway. I promise, Mom. We have each other, and that is enough.”

Mia gave Lindy the motivation and strength to progress and improve. She continued putting in so much effort because of her, and she persevered despite their difficulties.

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Her instructors had told Mia that she was gifted in maths when she graduated from high school. Lindy was incredibly proud of her for that, and despite her reluctance to acknowledge it, she was aware that her daughter inherited her father’s traits. She could not dispute the fact that he was a skilled businessman.

To pay for Mia’s education, Lindy worked two jobs. Even though she had an academic scholarship, it wasn’t enough to pay her complete tuition at a prominent Ivy League university.

“Mom, I’ll just go to a state university,” Mia told her mom after she saw Lindy exhausted after work one day. “I promise, I don’t mind,” she insisted.

Lindy shook her head and refused. “Not,” she told her daughter. “You are destined for greatness and will receive the best education in a top university. You deserve to be there. Don’t worry about Mom,” she smiled. “I got this.”

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Mia did well in the school she chose and consistently represented her class in many maths competitions. She got selected one day to compete in the college-level Mathematics Olympiad.

“Bye, Mom. I’ll bring back the gold!” Mia said, hugging her mom before she left for the competition. “I’ll see you when I get back.”

“Bye, sweetheart,” Lindy greeted her daughter. “We will have a great dinner once you’re back to celebrate this achievement. I’m so proud of you!” the mother cheered as she walked her daughter to the bus.

Mia left the city for four days, and when she returned, she had won the maths competition’s gold medal and a hefty financial prize of $20,000 from one of the foundations that had supported it. She sprinted inside her house since she had to give her mother the awards. “Mom! She yelled, “I’m home!”

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“Mom?” she said, walking to the living room. “Where are you?”

Mom was at home, according to Mia, who had just spoken to her on the phone. She hurried up the stairs and was horrified to discover Lindy unresponsive on her bedroom floor.

She ran over to her and cried, “Mom!” She cried, her hands panicking, “Mom, wake up!” To make a 911 call, she struggled to pull her phone out of her pocket.

“Please help me,” she told the operator. “I found my mom unconscious on the floor. I don’t know how long she’s been here, but she has a pulse. Please come quickly!”

Lindy was taken to the hospital by ambulance, which arrived in just five minutes. Mia joined her as they headed to get tested to determine what was wrong.

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Lindy became conscious after being connected to an IV line. She had a clogged artery, which was a more significant problem. “Your mom needs urgent surgery. We don’t want to prolong this as it could be fatal,” the doctor explained to Mia, who was crying in fear.

“I know my mom has insurance. Can we please use this to pay?” she asked.

“We will do the surgery on her, but insurance doesn’t cover these surgeries. You must find a way to pay her bill before she’s allowed clearance to leave. I’m sorry, sweetheart,” the doctor apologized before rolling Lindy into the operating room.

Mia caught one final glimpse of her as her mother battled for her life on the hospital bed. As she left the hospital, she promised herself, “I will get you out of here, Mum. She chose to speak with her father.

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Mia arrived at her father’s workplace via cab, where she was welcomed by none other than his secretary.

“Mia!” she said smugly. “What a surprise to see you here. To what do we owe the pleasure?”

“I need to see my dad,” she replied coldly.

“Let’s see if he has time,” the secretary said, walking Mia toward her dad’s office.

Her father knocked and asked his secretary and girlfriend to give him five minutes to talk to Mia.

“Why did you only reach out now, after six years, Mia? I’ve been trying to get a hold of you,” her father, Jamie, said.

“You left us. For her!” Mia shot back. “Why would I want to spend time with you after you abandoned our family? Do you know how much that hurt us, Dad?” she said, holding back her tears.

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“Well then, why are you here now?” Jamie asked her. “Let me guess. You need money?” he asked arrogantly.

“Mom is fighting for her life in the hospital. Please, I’ll pay you back when I find work. Please save Mom,” Mia begged.

“I can do that…” Jamie started to say. “But my condition is that you start living with me. Don’t you want to be with Dad?” he asked his daughter.

“What for?” Mia replied. “You and I were never close. Why try to be a dad now?”

“Okay, then my answer is no. Find money someplace else and get out,” Jamie said sternly.

Mia raised an eyebrow. She had no idea how much of a monster her father was. Before bursting out the door, she exclaimed, “Gladly!”

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Mia discovered that her Olympiad gold medal was made of solid gold on the taxi trip back to the hospital. She decided to use the $20,000 cash award and the proceeds from the item’s sale to a pawn shop to pay the hospital. Fortunately, it was just plenty to cover everything.

After a few months, Lindy had fully recovered and was back at work. As she neared her college graduation, Mia worked part-time at a neighborhood coffee shop.

Mia decided to take over her dad’s business. Jamie first believed that his daughter was acting in a way that would help him. He ultimately understood, though, that she did it to spite him.

As a result of her exceptional arithmetic abilities, Mia later joined a big company where she became their most cherished asset. She rose through the ranks until she was a managing partner, at which point she was well off enough to urge her mother to give up her job.

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Mia made a major investing decision one day. According to an email she received announcing the sale of some businesses, her father’s company was for sale because it was on the verge of bankruptcy.

Mia decided to take over her dad’s business. Jamie first believed that his daughter was acting in a way that would help him. He later realized that she had done it to resent him because she had been promoted to managing director and CEO while he remained a silent minority partner.

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