A mother with more than 800 tattoos remarked that Christmas wouldn’t be the same for her because she couldn’t enter a pub.

Melissa Sloan, a South Wales native from Powys, tattoos herself using an ink pistol she purchased from Amazon for £120. She uses it at least three times every week when she gets her body pierced.

The mother of seven received her first tattoo when she was 20. Since then, she has had numerous tattoos and colors applied to most of her face and body. She previously said that she used it as a coping mechanism for the impacts of how her brother treated her as a child.

The 45-year-old woman claims that she has referred to the institution as a “Crayola” and that, as a result, people have stopped asking her to holiday gatherings.


Melissa claims that going out and doing stuff around the holidays has become much more difficult due to her tattoos.

I want to have fun and go to the pub for a drink, but they won’t let me in because I have 800 tattoos and I’m covered in ink. Three times per week, I receive tattoos. Even at home, I ink my body art.

The ink addict claims she will continue to mark her body with ink despite having many infections.

According to her, several of her tattoos did not fully heal, leaving her with scars. She lost her skin as a result.

I will continue getting tattoos till the very end, Melissa declared.

Even though some of her tattoos were done by professionals, her 56-year-old partner Luke did most of them.

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She stated that two of her elementary-aged younger children had added their tattoos to her back.

According to a source, Melissa claimed that her “prison-style” tattoos prevented her from landing a job.

Regarding her efforts to get employment, she stated that if someone offered her a job tomorrow, she would accept it.

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Since I like to be myself and will always be myself, I can’t fit in with people, which is something I expected in life.

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The mother said in May that getting tattoos on her arms, back, and chest helped her cope with her elder brother’s sexual abuse of her when she was a child.

46-year-old Gavin Sloan was sentenced to 21 years in jail at the start of this year for some heinous rapes and sexual assaults he committed against other youngsters.

Melissa said her tattoos “help me cover the emotional scars Gavin left behind.”

I hide behind them like a mask from the outside world. But now that he’s behind bars, I’m starting to feel liberated.

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According to Melissa, the person she accused of wrongdoing was never charged with any offenses she claimed he committed, and the police didn’t take her complaint seriously.

In Kidderminster, Massachusetts, Melissa, and Gavin were raised alongside their mother, Doris, and two other brothers and sisters. Gavin is a year older than she is.

According to Melissa, Gavin and I were raised as siblings even though our fathers are different. As siblings do, when we were little, we took baths together.

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But Gavin touched me in the bath when I was six, and he was seven. We were both young when I informed my mother, but she shrugged it off. She didn’t truly accept my account.

But it persisted and worsened as I approached my adolescent years. Gavin and I shared a bedroom, and he tried to make me perform sex acts on him and groped me whenever he got the chance. To watch me, he made a little hole in the bathroom door.

Growing up, I believed that to be typical. He assured me that it wouldn’t matter as he was my half-brother.

I tried to beat him off, but he was more powerful and aggressive.

He used derogatory language at me and said inappropriate things. I witnessed him killing birds and other small animals, and I was horrified by him.

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I found the tattoos incredibly therapeutic; they served as a method to block out the memories and the abuse, she continued.

Gavin contacted me once more, and even as an adult, the sexually provocative remarks persisted. He didn’t seem to see why it was improper.

I reported him to the police when I was 35, fearing that he would do it to someone else.

I was only given one interview, though. Since nothing happened, I departed feeling like I had given it too much time.

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