In a recent blog post, Danny Trejo thanked his son Gilbert Trejo for being sober for eight years. This is a good milestone for his family.

Trejo has almost 400 acting credits to his name, so even if you don’t know him, you’ve probably seen him playing tough characters in various films and TV episodes.

Even though he is well-liked by his co-stars and has even been credited with saving a baby’s life in one event, none of that would have been possible if he hadn’t shifted his ways.

Danny Trejo has a soft hole in his heart for his family and enjoys recognizing their accomplishments, despite frequently portraying tough people on television.

The Machete actor recently praised his son Gilbert on social media for a big achievement. Trejo’s son, who was 34 then, had been sober for eight years as of July 17.


Trejo posted the following on Twitter:

“If you have a kid with addiction issues, please know that my son is now my best friend even though I didn’t think he would! Hope exists!”

Credits: Twitter

The actor has been sober for over 50 years, so he is very aware of living a sober lifestyle. When he first took marijuana, he was just eight years old.

He started to drink at the age of twelve, and by the time he was 14 years old, he was using heroin.

He decided to start sobriety at 24 after spending years in and out of jail and attending many 12-step groups. Finally, he decided to become a drug counselor.

This made him want to tell the public a message of hope for parents who are going through one of the hardest things they can go through.

Danny Trejo left San Quentin State Prison in 1969 with a new outlook on life after nearly dying of the death penalty.

He shared:

“Everything from Aug. 23, 1968, to now is like a dream. I’ve got nothing to complain about. “I’ve got nothing to fix.”

Trejo remains confident that things can get better. The difficulty of maintaining sobriety is also something he discusses openly.

Trejo says, “My son Gilbert Trejo has been sober for eight years today! I’m so in love with you and proud of the guy you’ve become.”

Even though this is a family celebration for the Trejos, the actor also wanted it to inspire parents facing similar struggles.

Trejo carried on, saying, “if you have a kid who is having trouble with addiction, please know that I didn’t think your child would survive; however, he is now my best friend! Hope exists!”

Trejo spoke with Men’s Health last year about his relationships with his kids and their recovery. “Without recovery, I wouldn’t have become a father. Anyone can have children, but my kids adore me as a father.”

He continued by saying that his past struggles with addiction and sobriety had given him the ability to understand and forgive his children’s drug use. “The program taught me to be forgiving—hey, I made mistakes, too—and to never stop loving my children.”

His tale makes me think of another sober actor, Rob Lowe. Rowe also had a child that continued his addiction, similar to Trejo’s kids.

Fortunately, the story has a happy ending, with the father and the son getting sober.

We’re delighted to offer you our congratulations, Gilbert! A significant event has occurred in the last eight years. Our best wishes are with you as you keep achieving success.

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