Nothing beats the relationship between a mother and her kid. This is one of the most intimate connections that humans may have. This intimate connection may sometimes create unbearable suffering.

This intimate friendship between Nolan and his mother lasted barely two years. While most two-year-olds are out and about, building forts and reading bedtime tales, Nolan was in the hospital battling for his life. Despite his youth, Nolan was battling valiantly.

“Mommy, I love you.”

Nolan Scully, one of God’s fiercest soldiers, said them as his last words. The 4-year-old had unwavering faith as his struggle came to a close and told his mother that he would wait for her in Heaven. And even though his life was brief, it profoundly affected the millions of people who followed his tale!


Only God could cram such a little body with so much love. Little Nolan had so much of it that he was overflowing. This little boy’s grin of love attracted tens of thousands of fans to his NolanStrong Facebook page.


Nolan’s family launched the website after he was diagnosed with rhabdomyosarcoma, a rare soft-tissue cancer, at three. Over the following year, the Facebook page chronicled his ups and downs.


The bright spirit of the tiny fighter captured the hearts of his local community and thousands upon thousands of strangers online.

Nolan began aggressive therapy as soon as the cancer was detected. He had several doctor’s appointments, numerous tests, sleepless nights, excruciating chemotherapy, and avoided all outside contact for fear of catching a new sickness.


Over a year was spent by Nolan heroically fighting for his life. The little youngster eventually became too unwell to consume any food or liquids. He was unable to stop vomiting. His mother, Ruth Scully, knew that Nolan had a severe problem.

Nolan’s parents received the news they had dreaded for the last twelve months at a consultation with the oncologist. A week after undergoing open chest surgery, Nolan had trouble breathing because cancer had spread to his bronchial passages. Decisions had to be taken since the sickness was no longer curable.


Ruth gathered her composure and went into the room to speak with her son. There wasn’t much time left for Nolan to live. Ruth was unsure about how to break the news to her son. How could a mother explain something so challenging to their two-year-old child?

Ruth began by inquiring as to Nolan’s sentiments. He confided in his mother that he was suffering greatly. Ruth assured her son that they were done fighting. After being taken aback by her remark, Nolan reassured his mother that he would defend her.


When Nolan’s mother questioned whether he was standing up for her, she was met with a loud “Duh!”

Ruth told her son that she was no longer able to protect him. She said that the only location that could keep him secure was in Heaven. Ruth gave her son the reassurance that she would come and see him.

Ruth and Jonathan, Nolan’s parents, started a Facebook page to chronicle their courageous son’s journey. The status of Nolan’s health was also updated on this website for Nolan’s family. Ruth placed a moving memorial to Nolan online a few months after his death. Numerous individuals all across the globe were moved by her remarks, which caused the post to become viral.


Ruth recalled how heroic Nolan was in his last few days of life. While her beloved angel was getting ready to go to paradise, she went through the motions, oblivious to all the terrible things she had to do.

Ruth described how Nolan had handled himself well during his last few days on earth. Nolan even assisted in organizing his burial since a “do not resuscitate” provision had been agreed upon. The family watched TV and played with Nerf guns, and Nolan wrote his will.

Ruth shared her final few hours with her son in the article. They sat in bed together, planning Nolan’s burial. He picked his pallbearers, specified what he wanted his visitors to wear, and selected presents to be left for his loved ones. Nolan also wants to be remembered as a police officer following his death. Ruth recalled Nolan’s incredible blessing to her in the last moments of his life. Nolan’s mother had informed him that she couldn’t leave him, but Ruth was anxious for a short shower.

Ruth could get in the shower for a few minutes after Nolan’s uncle entered the room. Nolan closed his eyes and fell into a deep sleep throughout this period. Ruth was upset as she emerged from the restroom.

Nolan’s right lung had collapsed in his chest. His oxygen levels were low, and he was having difficulty breathing. Ruth jumped into bed with her son and vowed never to leave his side again. Nolan reacted by bestowing a miracle to his mother.

Nolan suddenly awoke and grinned at his mother. He confessed his love for his mother to her. At 11:54 p.m., when his mother was singing “You Are My Sunshine,” Nolan died away.

Nolan came out of his coma to express his love for his mother. He passed away as a hero who showed love right up to the last second of his life. Ruth said that as a result of the encounter, she is now scared to take a shower. Where her cherished boy used to wait for his mother, there is now simply an empty mat. Nolan was a fighter and a soldier, as everyone who has read his tale will attest. He realized his ambition to work as a police officer.

Mother’s Love

The definition of unconditional love may be understood by looking into a mother’s eyes while looking at her kid. Even if we are skilled at using language and can communicate our feelings clearly, it is still quite challenging to put a mother’s love into words. Even if a kid reaches adulthood or develops into a person in business, politician, or thinker, she will always think of him as her baby. Mothers strongly value loving their children at any stage of life or circumstance. Mothers are essential to every kid because of their unwavering affection.

A child’s learning process begins before birth or even before birth. We’ve all heard women should read excellent literature and listen to relaxing music during pregnancy. They do this because, even though the infant has yet to encounter the outside world, the newborn has already developed a link with the outside world via the mother. Later, the infant is introduced to the world, first by their mothers and then by others. Every newborn learns to call their mother first, regardless of language, caste, or tradition.

“Mother, ma, amma” is the first word from the baby’s lips. A mother teaches her kid all she knows, from talking to walking to living a happy life. She is also the one who disciplines and teaches a kid for them to have a better life. A mother teaches all she knows, from waking up to sleeping. The mother also goes through the learning process again to assist her kid get more information.

This world would seem dismal if it weren’t for moms. Life is full of many experiences, some of which are not so pleasant. A kid is exposed to terrible conditions from birth, but it is the mother’s love, care, and comfort that ensures that, in the end, good always triumphs. A child’s eyes and confidence can always see the light at the end of the tunnel. Whether they are confronting examinations, contests, or life’s difficulties, children usually seek counsel and support from their moms first.



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