Henry, a 500-kilogram, 5-meter-long Nile crocodile, is the oldest in captivity.

He has six female housemates and has given birth to over 10,000 children in the past 32 years.


Crocworld Crocodile Conservation Center honored Henry the Nile Crocodile’s 121st birthday with special treats and cakes for the guests.

Crocworld’s official website has photos from Henry’s 121st birthday celebration in December.

Henry joined Crockworld in 1985 after becoming an adult.

According to reports, he may have been 85 years old.

The Crocworld Conservation Center in Scottburgh provides non-stop entertainment to the public during the holiday season with thrilling daily snake shows, crocodile feeding and talks, free for-fee forays into the forest, vulture feeding, and more every Monday, Wednesday, Friday, and Sunday.

According To Nature Knows

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