Recently, Tara Sharifi, an Aylesbury Exceptional College student, took the Mensa IQ test to evaluate Oxford. She scored well above the “genius benchmark” of 140. The 11-year-old student outperformed famous cosmologist Professor Stephen Hawking and theoretical physicist Albert Einstein by two points on the test, scoring 162 out of a possible 180. Einstein is regarded as one of the two pillars of modern physics.

The Mensa IQ Evaluates Questions That Must Be Responded To Within A Specific Time Frame, Focused On The Coed’s Capacity To Know The Meanings Of Phrases, Following The Iran Entry Website.

Sharifi said, “I Used To Be Shocked After I Acquired The Outcome – I By No Means Anticipated Getting Such A Rating.”

With this score, Sharifi is now eligible for Mensa membership, also known as the Excessive IQ Society.


“It Was A Joint Choice Between Me And My Dad And Mom To Take A Look At,” The Lady Stated. “Will Probably Be An Exquisite Alternative To Satisfy Different Individuals Throughout The Mensa System. I’ve Advised A Few Of My Buddies At College. They Usually Had Been Impressed.”
She added that when she gets older, she will pursue “One Thing Associated With Arithmetic.” Meanwhile, her father acknowledged that the outcome had shocked him. He was happy with what his daughter had accomplished, though.

Her father, Hossein, was quoted as saying, “I’m Extraordinarily Proud, However Very Shocked At How Nicely Tara Scored,” by the Bucks Herald UK.

“I Figured She Would Possibly Do Nicely After We Watched TV, And They Would Get Maths Questions Earlier Than The Contestants. I Knew She Was Knowledgeable; However, I Didn’t Suppose She Would Have Such An Excessive IQ.”

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