Hulk, a massive family dog weighing a whopping 175 pounds, caught the world’s attention a few years ago when his owner, Marlon Grennan, introduced him to the public. Grennan owns Dark Dynasty K9s, a dog training and breeding operation. Hulk’s impressive size and strength earned him the title of the world’s largest pit bull, and his story quickly spread across social media platforms. People couldn’t help but be amazed by his incredible size and gentle demeanor, despite being bred to be a guard dog. With his massive frame and lovable personality, Hulk has become a celebrity in his own right, captivating the hearts of dog lovers worldwide.

How did the 175-pound pit bull named Hulk grow to be so enormous?

The proprietor of Dark Dynasty K9s proudly claims that they specialize in breeding and training the world’s largest and most fearsome canines. In addition to being a reputable dog-training enterprise, Dark Dynasty K9s also operates a breeding facility that focuses on producing incredibly huge and intimidating dogs.


Marlon Grennan, the owner of Dark Dynasty K9s, asserts that Hulk is one of the world’s largest pit bulls, weighing 175 pounds. He is a mix of an American pit bull and an English bulldog, both known for their substantial size. However, Hulk’s enormous size is not primarily a result of his lineage. Rather, it is due to his genes, diet, and training. While pit bulls are known for their large bone structure, they typically weigh between 30-60 pounds. Hulk’s size, nearly four times that of a typical pit bull, is not considered healthy by veterinarians. Being overweight shortens dogs’ lifespans, interferes with mobility, and stresses their joints excessively. While some people may find Hulk’s size impressive, others believe his breeding and size contribute to pit bulls’ negative reputation as aggressive and dangerous dogs.

Are pit bulls like Hulk dangerous?

Many people believe that pit bulls are aggressive and dangerous dogs that are not suitable for families. However, Grennan, the owner of Hulk, disagrees with this notion. He argues that with proper training and discipline, pit bulls can become loyal and loving companions to their owners. The key to raising a well-behaved pit bull is providing them with positive reinforcement training and socialization from a young age. This means teaching them good behavior and exposing them to different people and situations. Grennan believes it’s not the breed that determines a dog’s behavior but how it’s raised and trained. Treating pit bulls with love and respect allows owners to build strong bonds with their pets and create a harmonious home environment.


Hulk’s loving nature and affectionate personality have won the hearts of many, despite the stigma surrounding his breed. In a heartwarming YouTube video from 2015, Hulk can be seen cuddling with his family, even carrying the owner’s young son on his back! Hulk’s owner, Marlon Grennan, credits his proper training for his exceptional behavior, and he trusts Hulk wholeheartedly. Not only is he trained to attack and release on command, but he is also taught to protect his family from potential assailants in cars and be cautious around loud noises. Even Marlon’s wife, Lisa, feels safe around Hulk, who she describes as a balanced, lovable, and excellent family dog. He is also great with their kids and loves to protect them. Marlon is a strong advocate for the welfare of pit bulls and stresses the importance of proper training and discipline to eliminate the misconception that they are inherently dangerous.

Some people are surprised by the Hulk’s $20,000 price tag!

Image credit: iam_thehulk/Instagram

The story of Hulk, the colossal pit bull, went viral and captivated the attention of many people on social media. However, it also sparked a heated debate about the ethics of breeding dogs to produce larger and more aggressive offspring. Dark Dynasty K9s, the organization responsible for breeding Hulk, reportedly charges a staggering $20,000 for a puppy with the potential to grow as enormous as the famous dog. It’s hard to imagine that someone would be willing to spend such an exorbitant amount of money on a dog primarily bred for its size and ferocity rather than for its health, temperament, and overall well-being. The issue raises important questions about animal welfare and responsible breeding practices and highlights the need for greater education and awareness around these complex issues.

Marlon, the owner of a dog breeding business, was thrilled when Hulk’s litter was born. He declared that this was the most precious litter he had ever had and had high hopes for the pups. Marlon believed that with proper training, all puppies could become exceptional protection dogs. He was confident they could be sold for a staggering amount, potentially exceeding $500,000. This prospect was exciting for Marlon and his team, who dedicated their time and effort to breeding and raising dogs with the utmost care and attention. Marlon’s passion for his work was evident, and he was proud of the quality of the dogs he produced. With this litter of puppies, he was eager to see what the future held and what heights his business could reach.

Animal rescuers are speaking out about the problematic nature of Hulk’s story. The breeding practices used by Dark Dynasty K9s, where Hulk was born, have been scrutinized for their detrimental effects on the breed’s lineage. But it’s not just the breeding methods that raise concerns- how these dogs are advertised is also problematic. Shock collars, choke chains, and restraints create the so-called “designer dogs,” marketed as the best security dogs for the super-rich and famous clientele.

The exorbitant price tag for impregnation has raised even more concerns. It encourages people to bypass animal shelters, which are already struggling with overcrowding due to the high numbers of abandoned pit bulls. Instead, buyers are urged to turn to dog-breeding businesses and pay a hefty sum for these so-called “designer dogs.” This trend is leading to the unnecessary euthanization of more and more pit bulls every year as demand for the “perfect” dog continues to rise.

The situation surrounding Hulk and other dogs like him is deeply troubling. It highlights the dark side of the dog-breeding industry, which values profit over the animals’ welfare. Animal rescuers are calling for a shift in attitudes towards pit bulls and for greater emphasis on adoption rather than breeding. It is time to take a stand and protect these beautiful creatures, who deserve love and compassion, not exploitation for profit.

Pit bulls are often the victims of neglect and mistreatment by irresponsible owners. These owners often seek out large, aggressive dogs as symbols of status, for use in illegal dog fighting rings, or simply for protection.

While some dog breeding companies, like Dark Dynasty K9s, may have good intentions, their actions can have unintended consequences. Sadly, many dogs these companies produce end up in shelters, waiting to be euthanized. This directly results from the high demand for pit bulls, leading to overbreeding and shelter overcrowding.

The plight of pit bulls is a heartbreaking one. These loyal and loving animals deserve a chance at a happy life but are often denied this basic right. It is up to all of us to take a stand against irresponsible breeding and ownership practices and to advocate for adopting shelter animals rather than purchasing from breeders. By doing so, we can help ensure that more pit bulls are given the loving homes they so desperately need and deserve.

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