Firefighter Marc Hadden of Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, the department had saved thousands of lives. Still, on November 14, 2011, after a lady dialed 911 to report stomach pain, he found himself giving birth for the first time.

“She struggled from the moment she was placed in my hands,” Marc, 48, recalled, recalling giving the 6-lb, 2-oz emergency oxygen seconds after birth to help her start breathing on her own.”It was amazing to hear her cry.”

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At the time, Hadden had no idea that he would become the father of the baby girl, Rebecca Grace, and bring her home less than 48 hours later.


Marc said that until it occurs, you can discuss how awesome it would be to birth a baby.

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“Being a Lottery Winner”

Due to issues with their initial two pregnancies, Marc and Beth, who already had two young sons (Will, now 15, and Parker, now 13), had to go the long and expensive route of adoption to have a third child.

The birth mother made it plain that she could not care for her daughter, and just hours later, at the hospital, Marc was the first to offer to take her in as his own.

Beth claims she spoke with Marc on the phone that day and that he told her.

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“I delivered a baby.”

“Can we keep her?” she joked.

 He replied, “I think she might be going up for adoption.”

Beth felt motivated to visit the birth mother the next day at the hospital after hearing that she was a single mother struggling to raise a teenage son.

Beth, 39, an instructional coach at a nearby elementary school, adds, “This woman’s plight has just touched my heart,” I inquired if I could get anything for her and got her a small prayer book.

During their conversation, a doctor informed the mother they might move forward with the adoption. “I cannot surrender my child to a stranger,” she said to Beth.

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“Suddenly, I had the chance to mention that Marc, and For a very long time, I had been in prayer for adoption.”

She recalled, “She turned to face me and requested that I adopt her child. The nurse brought Gracie in, and I held her for the first time. I promptly called Marc and announced, “I think we just had a baby.”

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They signed temporary custody agreements when the day was over, bringing her home 48 hours after birth.

“She answers our prayers,” says Beth. “It felt like winning the lottery.”

Life Today

Gracie joined the family six years ago on the day she was brought home, but her parents have always ensured she is mindful of her history.

Marc recalls, “We very much told her from day one.” She is certain of it since I took her to the ambulance’s rear seat, where she gave birth.

She continues to talk about how “My father helped me take my first breath after delivering me in the back of an ambulance.” with others even now.

Beth says that even though she always wears bows and tutus and does gymnastics, her older brother has taught her to be a “tough little joker” despite all of that.

Marc and Beth often pinch themselves to remind themselves how blessed they are to have Gracie.

“This is fantastic because I’ve always desired a daughter,” says Marc.

The best things in life can sometimes happen in the blink of an eye, and you must seize the moment.

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I’m so happy Gracie ended up joining this lovely family and that fate called Marc to deliver Gracie on that particular day.



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