After Elon Musk took Twitter public, Jim Carrey was the most well-known figure to quit. The social media company was purchased by 51-year-old Musk in October for $44 billion.

The business tycoon has received a lot of attention ever since.

Even after criticism for hiring and firing staff members or imposing “crazy norms of production,” the 51-year-old man who goes by the moniker “Chief Twit” has consistently maintained that he is the best candidate for the position.

The decision to reinstate users suspended for violating the rules on Twitter may have been the most contentious action he has taken.


Other users are upset that users like Donald Trump, who was the president previously, and Kanye West, who was banned for reportedly uttering anti-Semitic remarks, have been released on the site.

Many famous people have left the social networking platform in response to this, saying they no longer want to use it.

The most recent well-known figure to announce his departure is 60-year-old Jim Carrey. In trademark Jim Carrey fashion, he did so. I’m leaving Twitter, but first, here’s a cartoon that Jimmy Hayward and I did, the adored actor tweeted.

It is based on one of my paintings, which depicts a crazy old lighthouse keeper standing naked in a storm, calling on the angels, and lighting a lamp to light the way for us on a perilous night. You all are incredibly dear to me. The message is accompanied by an odd video of a lighthouse keeper singing into the night as heavy weather rages all around him.

Jim Carrey

The “The Truman Show” actor has already spoken out against users like Trump on the platform, but he doesn’t explain why he’s quitting.

Carrey’s tweet elicited a range of responses from people.

Thanks for all the wonderful memories, one individual tweeted. Others disagreed with Mr. Carrey’s position that famous people should refrain from making exit announcements.

Other celebrities who have departed the platform include Grammy-winning singer Sara Bareilles. Welp.

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Sara Bareilles

Twitter is enjoyable. I’m out. My friends, I’ll see you on other platforms. I apologize, but I’m not into this. A wrestler named Mick Foley posted on Facebook that the disinformation and hatred on Twitter “seem to be encouraging” and “has my stomach in a knot.”

Do you know?

Since Elon Musk took control of Twitter a few weeks ago, there has been a constant stream of famous people leaving the platform. Jim Carrey is the most recent person to say they are quitting the platform.

He issued a letter to his followers informing them of his decision and included a brand-new short animation as a parting gift.

Recently, Jim Carrey said he was prepared to leave the Hollywood industry.

It is unclear whether he will appear in the third Sonic the Hedgehog movie, even though he has reverted to his manic self in the role of the evil Dr. Robotnik. While Carrey hasn’t made this official, his stint on Twitter is now officially gone.

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