Jim Carrey Will Reappear In the Grinch 2 Surprisingly, Jim Carrey may have a bigger heart now that he may have changed his mind about playing the Grinch again. He is coming back despite reports that the makeup and costuming took an eternity and significant delays on the first set. According to Giant Freakin Robot and their sources, a sequel has been officially announced.

With the help of the unstoppable Jim Carrey as The Grinch, Oscar®-winning filmmaker Ron Howard and Oscar®-winning producer Brian Grazer bring Christmas’ most beloved grump to life. Why is Jim Carrey’s The Grinch (Carrey) so grumpy? Nobody seems to know until young Cindy Lou Who (Taylor Momsen) decides to take matters into her own hands and, in her quest to discover the true meaning of Christmas, turns both Whoville and The Grinch’s world upside down, inside out, and funny side up.

Do you know?

This is a change of heart for Mr. Carrey, who previously stated that he would not be acting in any more sequels because “I find sequels are a function of commerce for the most part. At least the two I’ve done were characters I enjoyed doing, but I did find myself almost parroting myself at that point.”


At least the two I’ve played were characters I enjoyed playing, but I almost felt like I was repeating myself at that time.

We are still awaiting official confirmation from Universal Pictures regarding this noteworthy information! Are you anticipating Jim Carrey’s comeback in The Grinch 2?

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