Birthdays are usually memorable occasions. They become famous when you reach the century of your birth!
These twin sisters must have had remarkable genes to survive their 102nd birthday!

Recently, in Kansas City, Missouri, resident Elouise Lyons turned 102. And she and her twin sister have both celebrated each one. In Overland Park’s Glenwood Village, everyone gathered to honor Elouise’s 102 years of life.


Elouise is shy and replies that she doesn’t know the key to living a long life, but her son is eager to provide advice on her behalf. Paul Lyons, her son, claims that his mother’s secret is always to remain highly optimistic and to drink one shot of whiskey regularly. He claims that his mother has consumed whiskey daily for as long as he can remember.
“That’s something she’s been doing for years and years,” he says.
When asked what her best birthday memory was, Elouise said there were too many birthdays for her to choose just one. That may be true when a person has celebrated over a hundred birthdays!
Her birthday this year was a roaring 20s-themed celebration complete with flapper outfits and vintage music. Perhaps this is a birthday she will remember fondly as well.
The twins do not reside in the same house. Her twin sister, on the other hand, lives in California. But the sisters will undoubtedly celebrate together. While meeting in person may be challenging, they want to celebrate their birthday together through Zoom.
At the age of 102, these two ladies have seen significant global changes.


Elouise’s kid cannot comprehend what his mother has been through. “When she was born, they had just started flying airplanes. I can’t imagine that,” Paul Lyons said.

Reaching your 102nd birthday is a significant achievement in and of itself. It’s much more impressive when loved ones surround you.


Elderly Birthday Party Tips

Concerning birthday party ideas for your elderly parent, we have you covered whether you’re organizing a huge celebration or a smaller gathering.
Take into account what time of day it is. Does your family member get tired quickly? If so, plan the celebration for mid-afternoon rather than early in the day or late at night.
Make sure the celebration isn’t too brief or too extended. Elderly individuals desire to spend time with their loved ones on their birthdays. However, that does not imply they want to stay up all night with their friends. Limit the celebration to no more than two or three hours.
Consider what they are interested in. If your loved one like fireworks and keg stands, then plan accordingly. When wishing a happy birthday to an older person, though, keep it simple. Do they like gardening? Consider using flowers to decorate the location. You may even plan a theme around their favorite period.
Don’t have the party at their house. Your loved one should not have to worry about cooking or cleaning. Consider throwing the celebration at the home of a close family friend or renting a venue.
Verify the accessibility of the space. If you’re considering renting a space, be sure that anybody who needs a wheelchair or has mobility problems can get there without difficulty. Additionally, if you want to have the party outside, ensure it is on level ground to reduce the danger of injuries.
Consider if a surprise party would be enjoyable for them. Surprising them while thinking about senior birthday party ideas could be tempting. But this might be a concern if the older person has cardiac problems. Think about the capacity for an unexpected celebration.
Consider the meal menu. In addition to serving delicacies that the honoree appreciates, ensure that the menu includes soft and diabetic-friendly alternatives for older visitors. A sugar-free birthday cake may also be created for the elderly.
Create the ideal guest list. Don’t simply invite everyone who is accessible. Invite close friends and family to the celebration.
Play some age-appropriate games. Bingo or trivia games are always a safe bet for senior visitors. Bring some awards in case there is a competitive aspect.

Birthday Wishes for Elderly People

Writing a fantastic birthday greeting might be difficult, depending on who you’re writing the message for. Happy birthday greetings for an older guy might contain sentiments expressing your appreciation for everything he did to support the family. Birthday greetings for an older woman may also express gratitude for constantly serving as a source of comfort or inspiration. Here are a few examples of an older person’s somber and lighthearted birthday greetings.

Thank you for always being there for me in good times and bad.
Wisdom comes with age, and I see it in you every day.
You become better with age, and I am grateful to have you in my life.
The most exciting part is still to come. Congratulations on your birthday!
So much has changed over the years, yet my feelings for you have only strengthened. I hope you have a wonderful day today.


You’re only a year away from retiring. Congrats!
Your youthful and upbeat appearance makes me feel fortunate to have the most incredible genetics. Birthday greetings!
Age makes you smarter, so the saying goes. I suppose you’re still too young for that. I hope you do soon. Birthday greetings!
Although I know you may party at any age, I ask that you do so now.
Because they are more expensive than the cake, I hope you can utilize all the candles this year.

Fun Adult Birthday Party Ideas:

Construct a Cocktail Snowcone Bar.
Throw a vibrant backyard carnival-themed party.
Make a lovely ice cream bar.
Make Your Own Spritzer Cocktail Bar.
Organize a Wine and Cheese Party.
Flower & Gin Bar.
Organize an outdoor movie night!



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