Although dogs often live shorter lifetimes than people, some are fortunate to live long and fulfilling lives. A select handful even reaches their 20s, a remarkable achievement equivalent to living past 100 years in human years.

Every year, when these elderly dogs celebrate their birthday, it marks a significant accomplishment. Therefore, Lady Bug, a dog that claims to be the oldest canine in the world, celebrated her 23rd birthday in a big way this week.


According to The Mirror, Lady Bug was adopted by Mary Jo Hughes after being left at a groomer.

The dog was in horrible shape, according to WGAL: Hughes claims the dog had breast cancer and bladder stones and required nine tooth removal.


Despite all her love and attention, Lady Bug still has a scruffy appearance: “No matter how much we groomed her, she looked like she had crawled out of a dumpster,” Hughes told WGAL.

Hughes said that Lady Bug “actually overcame the odds” and has remained with her owner for a long time.

If Lady Bug’s previous owner’s records are to be believed, she was born on January 3, 2000, recently celebrated her 23rd birthday, and is the oldest dog in history.

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A celebration was given at the Neffsville Veterinary Clinic in Manheim Township, Pennsylvania, for Lady Bug on her actual birthday.

“Coming in this afternoon is a nice thing. Veterinarian Dr. Nicole Blithe told FOX 43, “We love celebrating with her, and we’re thrilled she’s still with us at 23. She’s an amazing woman.

Although there is evidence that she is 23, her record as the oldest dog in the world has not yet been formally recognized. Gino, a 22-year-old former rescue dog who claimed the title in November, is the canine world’s oldest living dog, according to Guinness World Records.

Since Gino was born on September 24, 2000, Lady Bug is more than nine months older than Gino.

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Dr. Blithe admitted to WGAL, “I do know some of my employees are playing sleuths and detectives trying to hunt down a further birth date for her.” Two separate veterinary clinics reported the ages of Lady Bug to be different.

The owner says she’ll call Guinness to make the claim official if it can be verified, but even if Lady Bug’s name never makes it there, she’s just delighted to have her around for so long.

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You’re welcome, Lady Bug!

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