It’s enough to say that the Oscars have produced their fair share of memorable events over the years. I mean, it’s reasonable to anticipate that there will be a commotion when many famous people and big personalities travel to Los Angeles for an occasion.

Even so, part of the fun is in anticipation of what will transpire. Consider Will Smith’s last-year slap of Chris Rock, which was broadcast around the globe. Or how about the blunder that caused Moonlight, not La La Land, to win the Best Picture Oscar, and the producers of La La Land to realize this halfway through their acceptance speech?

To report that there was no such disaster this year fills us with a mixture of happiness and disappointment. (at least not on that scale). However, several instances caused a flurry of conversation among people at home.

One such occasion belonged to music icon Lady Gaga, whose song “Hold My Hand,” which she wrote for Top Gun: Maverick, received a nomination for Best Original Song.

According to reports, Lady Gaga’s attendance was far from guaranteed previous to the occasion. She’s working hard on The Joker sequel, but she found time in her calendar to travel to Los Angeles on Sunday night.


The 36-year-old actress, whose actual name is Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta, arrived at the Dolby Theatre for the Oscars red carpet wearing a Versace gown and accessorized with smoky eyeliner and eye-catching red lipstick.

However, the Born This Way singer’s shift in attire was what caught the attention of many home viewers.

Gaga gave an emotional speech just before performing “Hold My Hand,” in which she stated:

“It’s deeply personal for me. I think that we all need each other. We need a lot of love to walk through this life. We all need a hero sometimes. There are heroes all around us in unassuming places. But you might find that you could be your hero, even if you feel broken inside.”

Lady Gaga performed her performance with emotion while wearing no makeup. In addition, she snuck out of the aforementioned Versace gown, donning a black T-shirt, ripped denim, and Converse instead.

Fans had plenty to say, and they did.

Gaga received four nominations for an Oscar, including one for Best Actress and two for Best Original Song (2016 and 2019), which she ultimately earned with “Shallow.” (2019).

She didn’t win any Academy Awards, so she had to return home empty-handed. This year, “Naatu Naatu” from the film RRR took home the trophy for Best Original Song.

I’m glad Lady Gaga, who is such a talented performer, felt totally at ease in her skin when she went on stage without wearing any makeup.

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