Let’s look at the beautiful hotel that the frogs, year-round residents of the flower farm, have built for themselves!

If you are more interested in the aesthetics of gardening, then you should certainly have a beautiful flower garden. Then you will notice that it is surrounded by a wide range of species, ranging from birds to butterflies and other insects of varying kinds.

You may have already experienced it if you have a flower garden similar to the one that Allison Lamb had in the novel.

Alison’s Snohomish Lavender Farm, located in Snohomish, Washington, is always buzzing with activity, thanks to her lovely neighbors. But, it is because of the noise that they make that she sees the first sign of spring.

A frog on a fruit Description automatically generated with medium confidence Image – ALLISON LAMB


“We know when spring has arrived when we can hear all the frogs begin to croak,” Lamb said.

Around this time of year, the winter snow melts, making it the perfect setting for frogs to breed and thrive. According to Lamb, the boys love this lovely flower garden, so they keep coming here year after year.

“I have some flowers that line my house, and they will climb up the walls,” Lamb said, “and they get up in my hanging flower baskets.”

She stumbled upon an unexpected discovery during her regular check of the flower farm. Alison saw a frog leisurely resting on one of her dahlias.

“I was delighted to find a frog sleeping in one of my dahlias,” Lamb said.


There were over 200 dahlias in the yard, and in addition to providing a pollen source for the bees, these lovely flowers provided an ideal environment for the frogs to live in.

“I kept seeing more and more as the summer progressed,” Lamb said. “Some days, I could find over 10 different frogs taking shelter in my flowers.”

These amazing amphibians have lately become a popular form of entertainment. They are there for pleasure and as guards, protecting the flower garden from pests and other enemies. It is a significant benefit to consider.

“The frogs eat the bad bugs for me,” Lamb said.

Their presence is essential for the flowers to bloom. On the other hand, frogs aren’t the only creatures that live around her farm.

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“The bees will sleep in my dahlias overnight; I find little spiders taking shelter as well, and last year I found little gardener snakes up in my flowers,” Lamb shared. “I also have several salamanders, a praying mantis, and caterpillars are everywhere in the late summer.”

Seeing them sleeping off peacefully in the petals with their little green heads poking out occasionally brings her joy. When winter comes, and they have to leave, she always fails to miss them.

“They stay in the flowers all season until the first frost comes and the flowers die,” Lamb said.

Even though it’s hard, we have to part ways with the hope that we’ll be able to meet up with you again in the spring. Lamb is aware that these adorable boys will keep returning, and she hopes that her flowers will bring the hotel a greater number of new guests the next year.

A pink flower in a garden Description automatically generated with low confidence Image – ALLISON LAMB

This sounds like an adorable experience to take part in. Hence, you will feel it again if you have been through it before. If you haven’t discovered any, however, you might be able to find some by taking a closer look at the flowers that are blooming in your garden.

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