Unexpectedly, Lisa Marie Presley passed away.

Fans were concerned that she appeared fragile and struggled to talk when she appeared at the Golden Globes two days before her passing.

In 2020, she lost her son and devoted her final years to remembering him.

Lisa Marie Presley, a singer and songwriter is the sole child of Elvis Presley, the king of music. Austin Butler, who portrayed the artist’s father in the film “Elvis,” was supported by the singer at this year’s Golden Globes.

Lisa Marie applauded the actor for portraying her father’s persona in such an “exact” and “perfect” way. She also liked how Elvis’ artistic expression was not made fun of in the movie.


Lisa Marie Presley at the Golden Globes in Los Angeles in 2023. | Source: Getty Images

Lisa Marie Presley at the Golden Globes in Los Angeles in 2023. | Source: Getty Images

Fans could not help but notice the 54-year-fragile old’s appearance as she tightly gripped Jerry Schilling’s arm. Another observation was that Lisa Marie seemed to have difficulty speaking.

However, because Lisa Marie had lost her son, Benjamin Keough, to suicide in 2020, her admirers could relate to how complicated Lisa Marie’s grief process had been.

However, Lisa Marie and her mother, Priscilla, found the Golden Globes ceremony very emotional.

Butler thanked the mother and daughter for taking him when he was filming “Elvis” while they sobbed during his address. I will always adore you, he said.

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On his birthday in 2020, Lisa Marie wrote a heartfelt ode to her son, describing how his death had choked her and his siblings’ suffering.

As she continued to live and care for her girls, the mother of four pleaded with her son for wisdom and courage. She was aware that he would want to take care of his sisters.

Please wait for me, my love, and hold my hand as I continue looking out for Riley and raising your young sisters.


Lisa Marie was ready to keep giving her kids the love they needed despite the tremendous grief of losing her eldest son.

The loss of her son destroyed Lisa Marie.

Many individuals were startled by Lisa Marie’s death. Fans were thrilled to see her in public after her performance at the Golden Gloves.

She reportedly had a heart collapse two days before she passed away unexpectedly. In addition, Lisa Marie’s father passed away too soon, shocking everyone. According to reports, the pop king passed away from heart failure.

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Lisa Marie was only nine years old when Elvis passed away, but the singer still vividly recalls their final interaction before he was declared dead.

She remembered with great clarity that it was August 16th and that she was supposed to be asleep when Elvis discovered her and urged her to go to bed. She responded, “Okay,” to his request.

The last time she saw her father alive was when he tucked her into bed and kissed her goodnight. Lisa Marie had a great deal of pain throughout her life due to the untimely death of her son.

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She published an open letter about her grief in honor of National Loss Awareness Day and her son. Lisa Marie acknowledged that she knew friends who had lost children but shied away from them because she feared losing a child the most.

But once she lost her son and was made a “representative” of her worst nightmare, she realized that she had never wanted anyone to experience such suffering.

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The loss of Benjamin was too tough to handle even though losing her father was incredibly terrible because he honored her every day, loved his sisters more than anything, and worked well together.

No matter how difficult it was, Lisa Marie decided to press on since her son made it obvious that his smaller sisters needed to be protected at all costs.

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The mother of four claimed that she still felt her son’s spirit accompany her. She also claimed that she saw her son every day in her daughters, who adored Benjamin and found it impossible to function without him.

The family of Lisa Marie is Tight-Knit.

Lisa Marie’s children were close to her, and the singer was not afraid to brag about it on Instagram. She and her girls enjoyed a unique Christmas memory while watching the Nutcracker ballet.

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The singer was always proud of her father and shared a wonderful photo of her and her girls backstage during the Memphis event that marked the 35th anniversary of Elvis’ death.

When Lisa Marie thanked her fans for wishing her a happy birthday, she stated it wouldn’t be a wonderful day without her three girls because she was always happy when they were present. They were her top picks on the entire planet.

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Riley, a daughter of Lisa Marie, enjoys posting cute old photos of herself and her brother Benjamin. Riley preserved the day with a cute photo of the two of them as children on the swing the first year she was without him.

However, Lisa Marie was fortunate enough to have her mother and grandmother living when they were older. She posted a photo of the three stunning generations of women in 2015.

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Riley also posted an older family photo from Easter with Benjamin. Even with the passing of their mother, the family will support one another despite the huge losses they have suffered.

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