After a video of a boy’s sincere reaction to receiving his first bed was uploaded online, hearts melted.

He and his mother had been sleeping on homemade beds before getting assistance.

A home is crucial, mainly when there are additional mouths to feed. At the age of eight, Daeyrs had spent most of his life sleeping in homeless shelters with other families while living on the streets with his mother, Dionna, from Detroit.

The two had little choice but to begin wandering from shelter to shelter after the lady, a trainee nurse, lost her job, and their home did too.

Daeyrs and his mom, Dionna. | Source: News


Daeyrs and his mom, Dionna. | Source: News

The mother and kid were finally given public housing after several years of sporadic homelessness, which enabled them to leave the streets.

Although it was a big improvement over sleeping on the streets, the two could not afford to outfit their new abode with anything more than a few chairs and a blow-up mattress. As a result, Daeyrs was forced to sleep on a floor-based nest composed of thick blankets.

His frequent bedtime fantasies came true after sharing their tale with a Humble Design charity. Because of the charity’s dedication, they could furnish the couple’s home completely.

The moment the two entered their new house was caught on camera and aired on NBC’s YouTube account in 2018, which touched many people’s emotions. The two were astounded at the change.

Facebook Video

The youngster was the most emotional because he understood what it meant for him and his mother, even if they could not contain their joy.

The best part of the video was unquestionably the closing segment, which showed Daeyrs’s response to the transformation of his room. Before being led into the room, he was instructed to close his eyes and cover them.

When he was eventually told to put his hands down, he could not control the tears in his eyes or the smile across his face.

He now had his bed, and his room was completely outfitted with the toys, chairs, and painting supplies he had always wanted.

YouTube Video

Despite his best efforts to hold back his tears, Daeyrs was overcome; thankfully, his mother was right there, so he sobbed into her tummy while thanking the Humble Design team for their work. The charity’s founder, Treger Strasberg, said about the upsetting incident: “They moved into this home but had no furniture and were sleeping on the floor. A social worker recommended Daeyrs and his mother to us.”

Daeyrs’ need for a bedroom with his bed forced Treger to consider what was truly important in life. It inspired gratitude for things he would otherwise take for granted. He and his group have made it so that Daeyrs and his mother don’t have to worry about finding a place to unwind after a long day. Who says that dreams don’t come true?

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