Texas native Raven Yates married and gave birth to a child. After some time, the marriage deteriorated, and she and her spouse parted ways. She allegedly abandoned the two children born in her second relationship with another man.

With her spouse, Raven Yates welcomed her lone child, a daughter. Yates quickly moved on with her life after their failed marriage, getting remarried and having a second child. The father of Yates’ daughter had relocated back to California while she was raising her two children and was now employed as a music producer there.

Yates asserted that following their divorce, one of her ex-boyfriends began stalking her. In a Facebook post, she claimed that her ex-husband had started stalking her and mentioned how he had previously been a father figure who had been missing for more than ten years.

Raven Yates's home, 2023 | Source:

Raven Yates’s home, 2023 | Source:


Yates had upped and left while the daughter’s father, living and working in California, believed his daughter was secure with her mother. Her 12-year-old daughter was by herself, caring for her half-brother, who was 3 years old. While her mother was away, the young girl cared for her younger sibling and gave her best effort. But eventually, they ran out of food.

The girl was reluctant to phone her father but was compelled to do so. Yates threatened to separate the siblings if the children phoned the police before her mother left them alone. Yates first hesitated to seek assistance because she informed her daughter that the girl had a different father and that he would take her away from her brother.

Despite her greatest efforts, the girl ultimately could not care for her younger brother. The police were horrified to see how they survived as their living conditions deteriorated. The Roman Forest Police Chief said leaving the two children alone was exceedingly risky.

Desperate Girl Eventually Called Her Father

After being without her mother for seven weeks, the small girl finally decided to call her father for food. She called him to prevent her and her brother from being separated while telling a fib. She told her dad Yates was just at work rather than confessing that their mother had abandoned them for good.

In their statement, the Roman Forest Police Department said the mother-of-two had been residing in an apartment block in Mobile with an unidentified guy.

The father in California replied that he would send some food. But the observant father sensed that something wasn’t quite right, and his bad hunch was subsequently confirmed when he received a concerning phone call. The father found out that his ex-wife had abandoned her children and moved back to Mobile, Alabama when he spoke to Yates’ mother on the phone.

Police Chief Stephen Carlisle stated that the man’s ex-mother-in-law had contacted him to inquire why Yates had returned home, but her children were nowhere to be found. After learning from his ex-mother-in-law, the already uneasy father immediately boarded the first flight to Roman Forest to check on his child. The father also called the police and let them know what had happened.

The police responded quickly, and the father soon arrived at Roman Forest. The detectives were astounded by the house’s condition. The officers searched the bedrooms and found that the 3-year-old’s bed was emitting a strong urine odor, the police chief said.

The kids were left alone from September 28 to November 14, 2022, with little food and resources. The police chief stated that leaving the two children was a very careless act and that it was extremely negligent for them to have been left to survive for almost two whole months on their own.


Additionally, according to police sources, Yates posted on social media throughout the entire incident. With the help of her posts, the police could pinpoint her whereabouts, and on December 8, they issued a warrant for her arrest.

Mother Said Daughter Had Thousands of Dollars at Home

A while after police discovered her children, Yates was eventually captured in South Alabama. In their statement, the Roman Forest Police Department said the mother-of-two had been residing in an apartment block in Mobile with an unidentified guy. A tip from an unknown source helped them locate her.

According to reports, Yates also had a 14-year-old girl who her mother had previously reported as a runaway during the same month that she departed for Mobile.

Even though a close relative took in the kids, Yates was charged with two counts of abandoning and endangering a child without the intent to return.

When a reporter contacted Yates via Instagram, she had the chance to explain her predicament. She said she left her house because her ex-boyfriend was “trying to kill her.” She added that she had hired a nanny before she left who was meant to watch over her children while she was gone. According to reports, the mother left her young children behind to care for her dying father. RavenYates

Yates added that she had left her daughter with “thousands of dollars to do and buy whatever.” The Roman Forest Police Chief remarked that there was no food in the house when they discovered the youngsters, even though the existence of the money had not been verified. According to him

“There was no food in the house. Everything was empty. There [were] some dry beans and some spices. [That’s] about it.”

Yates was captured grinning in the back of the police car after the mother was taken into custody by the police. She was discovered two months after initially leaving her two children to fend for themselves, and she used the publicity to get more followers on social media.

According to reports, Yates also had a 14-year-old girl who her mother reported as a runaway before she traveled to Mobile earlier in the month. According to sources, all three of Yates’ kids have reportedly been found and are now safely residing with a relative.

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