It is always a beautiful trip when two people first meet and decide to spend the rest of their lives together. Actor James Garner has believed in love at first sight since it occurred to him.

James Garner and Lois Clarke had a charming love story. Continue reading if you want to understand more about it.

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When James Garner first met Lois Clarke, his path to love officially started. At a friend’s barbecue, James first met Lois, and he fell head over heels.

He focused on the stunning woman, just as in movies, and it seemed time had stopped for everyone else. When Lois answered yes after he plucked up the confidence to ask her out to dinner, he was relieved.


He discussed the relationship in a memoir that was published in 2012. At an Adlai Stevenson for President barbecue on August 1, 1956, I fell in love for the first and last time, he wrote. I first met Lois Clarke there. At first glance, there was love, the lightning bolt. She was equally lovely and nice. I found myself in the pool with the kids during a barbecue.

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The relationship took a serious turn right away, and throughout the first two weeks of dating, the couple was constantly together. Just 14 days after the first meeting, on August 17, 1956, Lois and James tied the knot in a brief Beverly Hills courthouse ceremony.

Everyone was astonished to learn about this from friends and family.

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James’ family objected to their marriage and was furious. They were unable to comprehend why he had acted in this manner. They believed that although they appeared to share little in common, they had both become caught up in the moment. They made a hasty decision, which would lead to divorce.

The main religious divide between them was this. James was a methodist, and Lois was Jewish. Lois had previously been married as well.

James was 6’3″ while Lois was only 4’8″, a significant height disparity between the couple. One was an extrovert by nature, while the other was an introvert.

According to Lois, her husband is a realist while she is a dreamer. Despite their stark contrasts, they managed to make it work.

According to James, none of the doubters had given the fact that Lois and I balanced each other much thought. We viewed as strengths what they perceived as shortcomings.

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They welcomed their first child together, a baby girl they called Gigi, and were content in their marriage. James also took in Kim, Lois’s firstborn. Together, the four of them enjoyed themselves immensely.

James is the first to acknowledge that it was accurate for people to have forewarned them that their marriage would face difficulties. He acknowledged that the pair had experienced a 3-month separation in the 1970s.

James adamantly rejected rumors at the time that he was dating anyone from The Rockford Files. Later, Lois and James reconciled, putting an end to all the rumors.

James claimed, “Lois and I were never in any real problems. Our love lasted a lifetime. Rockford’s pressures caused ninety-nine percent of the issue. It wasn’t us; it was me who needed to go to gather my thoughts.

James died of natural causes in 2014 at the age of 86. They were able to maintain their union for close to 60 years.

The couple disproved everyone’s doubts. They demonstrated to everyone in Hollywood that keeping your word when you commit to someone is entirely achievable.

What a lovely love story. So it’s uncommon these days.

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