Wanda, who was 90 at the time, claimed that she felt utterly isolated and alone. Older individuals frequently outlive their acquaintances and, in some situations, don’t even have a family to care for them, so they are familiar with this emotion.

Wanda decided to intervene independently since she knew how much she required social interaction. Marleen Brooks, a neighbor who lived in San Francisco, California, received a note that she had written and attached to her door.

Wanda made a straightforward request in her letter that was entirely from the heart.

“Would you think about being my friend, the note asked. I’m 90 years old and live by myself. All of my buddies are deceased. I feel so alone and vulnerable. I beg for someone’s forgiveness.”


The following evening, Marleen went to Wanda’s house with a friend to introduce herself. She brought cupcakes with her on that trip as well. Marleen informed KTVU News reporter Frank Somerville in a letter she wrote after everything was over.

Frank! She’s such a lovely woman! And when we arrived, she was ecstatic. Says Wanda. I hope it didn’t come off as dumb of me to write you, but I had to take action. I appreciate you coming over. Even after 50 years, I have no acquaintances among my neighbors. Three of Wanda’s sons passed away from cancer last year. The other two don’t reside close by.

She is 90 years old, using oxygen, and suffering from osteoporosis and congestive heart disease, among other conditions.

Due to work, we brought her cupcakes because we didn’t have time to bake banana bread. She can phone us anytime, and I’ll be back to spend time with her; I made sure she knew. Wanda and I will enjoy ourselves.

After Wanda shared her experience, countless people took the time to read her letter and then shared it on Facebook.

I adore this tale.

Frank responded by writing.

“And I’m delighted for Wanda. But as I said in my opening essay, Wanda is not alone; there are a significant number of people who share her loneliness. I suggest you think about giving their door a knock and introducing yourself. I am confident that it would mean the world to them. And who knows, you might perhaps meet a new friend.”

This is excellent guidance that you ought to heed. You can also consider volunteering at a local assisted care facility or senior center. There are numerous methods to help others and change the world.

Marleen claims that one of the reasons she decided to share her experience was to raise awareness of many lonesome persons around the globe.

Mainly the aged, she added. Consider walking over to their house and saying, “hello, if you know anyone in your community who fits that description. Bring them some cookies as well, perhaps. You will make their day; I can assure you of that. However, you can also meet a new friend at that exact moment. What a wonderful thing!”

People like Marleen, who go out of their way to be Wanda’s friend and spend time with her, warm our hearts.

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