As we go through life, we may experience at least one thing that we can attribute to a higher power.

You don’t even need to have a deep faith in God’s presence to acknowledge that certain things are either too perfect or just too coincidental to be the result of life simply taking its natural path. The scenario is much the same concerning certain signs and indicators that could emerge in the environment we find ourselves in right now.

An image that purports to show a ‘figure’ floating above the sea was taken by Alfredo Lo Brutto of Agropoli, Italy. This image has sparked an important amount of debate on the web, with many claiming that it is a replica of the Christ the Redeemer statue in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

People across the internet are now talking about the possibility that the photo taken over the Tyrrhenian Sea may be a sign of some importance. The photo was taken at a location that shows some resemblance to the statue in controversy.

Others, therefore, are eager to refute the issue, arguing that the look of the ‘figure’ is nothing more than a lucky cloud formation benefiting from the sea’s light.


Facebook/Alfredo Lo Brutto

It is not the first time that such a war of words has emerged following the appearance of an image online, but it must be mentioned that this one has its fair share of people on both sides of the debate.

In any event, it is undoubtedly a breathtaking shot that shows the splendor of the planet on which we now live.

Facebook/Alfredo Lo Brutto

Do you believe the symbol may indicate the participation of higher powers? Or do you believe that humans are creating something where none existed before? Please let us know what was given in the comments section.

In the meantime, make sure your loved ones and friends on Facebook can check out this incredible picture by sharing it with them.

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