Love is not confined to preconceived conceptions and beauty standards; it can come in many forms and sizes. A lean man and his plus-size girlfriend are perfect examples of accepting someone for who they are, and this is a wonderful way to show love.

Trying to fit yourself into boxes and adhere to dated, irrational notions of beauty might be intimidating. Although everyone tends to have different ideas and perspectives about what is attractive, it can be difficult to rebel against social forces.

We may frequently struggle to embrace our genuine selves, notwithstanding the argument about whether beauty should be determined by physical attractiveness or behavioral attributes. The woman faced a similar situation in today’s story until fate intervened and changed her course.

Brittany In terms of what the future held for her, Jacques was completely oblivious. She was all too familiar with one thing; however, a rapidly eroding feeling of self-confidence and the ongoing struggle frequently took a toll on her.


According to the citizen of Ontario, a person’s size or physical attractiveness have no bearing on closeness.

When Jacques was first in a relationship, he was content, not realizing how much would change. Her prior partners put pressure on her to lose weight, which at first didn’t make much sense to her, and that’s when she started to battle with self-confidence.

According to reports, practically every man or woman Jacques dated gave her an ultimatum: either lose the weight, stay in the relationship, or keep the excess weight and prepare to be discarded. Jacques weighed 252 lbs. Her biggest challenge was the body that had formerly attracted her prior partners.

Jacques struggled to give up on any relationship due to her weight and lack of confidence. The young woman started exercising hoping to change her size because she felt she was a part of the issue.

After some time, she realized that she would eventually lose her feeling of self-love if she kept altering herself to conform to someone else’s idea of beauty. She feared loneliness as she questioned everything and attempted to find her place in the world.

Jacques pondered the possibility of meeting someone who would adore and accept her for who she was. Until she fatefully crossed paths with a man who made her depressing days into better and brighter ones, she had given up on ever finding her Mr. Right.

Meeting a Man Half Her Size

When she came into contact with Matt Montgomery, Jacques was just about to stop opening her heart to love. In August 2020, they virtually connected and connected right away. They were aware of their undeniable chemistry and particular connection as they stayed in touch.

Even though the pair fell in love right away, many in their immediate vicinity could not ignore their pronounced contrasts. Jacques was a larger-framed woman, whereas Montgomery was slender and trim.

The couple, who had each given up on love for their reasons, chose to follow their hearts rather than listen to the doubters. Jacques, a carer, and Montgomery, a personal trainer, grew more and more certain over time that they were meant to be together.

Montgomery got down on one knee and proposed to the love of his life on January 30, 2022, in front of a romantic candlelit snowy backdrop close to Ontario, Canada. The couple quickly started preparing for their special day since it was easy to guess what Jacques said.

Jacques encountered additional criticism after bidding her single life adieu and becoming engaged to her 140-lb fiancé. Many people reportedly advised them to call it quits on their romance after she and Montgomery faced backlash from the online community.

A deluge of unfavorable remarks arrived when the pair began sharing their love story online. “People comment on Instagram and suggest that I’m not big enough or man enough for her,” Montgomery recounted. There was more, though.

In addition to online bullies, Jacques and Montgomery both experienced anxiety in public. Montgomery said when we cross the street, I see people staring at us.

Following insults, the Canadian pair determined to remain together, normalizing mixed-weight partnerships and clinging to their romance.

According to the Ontario resident, intimacy has nothing to do with someone’s size or appearance. She also thought it was a blessing that she had met Montgomery, who shared the same thoughts with her.

Why Did Montgomery Start Dating Jacques?

Meanwhile, Montgomery expressed his disappointment that his affection for her was not considered when deciding whether Jacques should date someone of his size. He recalled dating slender girls who were unhappy with themselves and needed to change constantly.

The personal trainer claimed he felt depressed around his ex-girlfriends and doubted he could find happiness again. Jacques, who was much more at ease in her own skin and didn’t want to change anything about herself, made everything fall into place just as it should have.

Montgomery claimed that rather than pressuring Jacques to diet or lose weight, he put her happiness first after falling in love with her sense of self and body positivity.

Montgomery felt Jacques was “the one” for him after several unsuccessful relationships with thin women. The Canadian man posted a romantic birthday message for his sweetheart in an Instagram picture dated September 2020. You deserve limitless love every day and more, according to a portion of the description. I can tell that we are meant to be together by how I see you and how I feel about you, as well as how you see me and how you feel about me. I cherish you.

How Does Their Son Look?

Montgomery and Jacques have come a long way since their first meeting and falling in love, and they are now content with their marriage. In addition, a newborn boy has been welcomed, and they are savoring every moment of being devoted parents to their little one.

Through their wonderful relationship, the couple has dispelled the myth that plus-size people can’t date and have a family with someone thin.

The young couple frequently post pictures of their gorgeous boy online while documenting their lovely family life. The news of their impending nuptials on September 8, 2021, is just one of the priceless experiences they have shared.

The couple celebrated the start of the month of love in another post on February 6, 2023, in which they showed off their endearing relationship.

In their most recent update, the three-person family was pictured having a great time at the beach on April 17. Holding their adorable child, Montgomery and Jacques basked in the day’s warmth.

We wish this lovely family the best of luck as they enjoy life and make many wonderful memories.

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