Health issues for a pregnant woman from Indiana necessitated an urgent C-section. Her difficult path had just begun, after all. Her pious husband persisted despite the months she stayed in a coma.

The birth of their third child together filled Autumn and Zack Carver with joy. The pair fell in love after meeting while they were youngsters. However, they were unprepared for the difficult chapter that would begin in 2021.

Autumn and Zack both were sick in the eighth month of their pregnancy. In a hospital, the loving mother gave birth to her son Huxley. While his mother in the ICU struggled, he was healthy and content.

Zack Carver | Source: 700 Club

Zack Carver | Source: 700 Club


The Worst Day of His Life

It didn’t turn out how the couple had hoped, and instead, it was one of their least happy days ever. The worst day of Zack’s life, he said.

After two months of being kept alive by machines, Autumn’s primary physician told Zack to turn the equipment off so that she may die away gently since he didn’t believe she would survive the trauma. However, Zack was certain that his wife would recover fully.

Everyone had an incredible day, and the ailing mum valued the experience greatly. Zack had prayed for a particular meeting, and now he had it.

He had a team of internet prayer warriors who prayed for her constantly, believing that God would work a miracle. They had hope even though they had little chance of surviving.

The Husband’s Request

Zack remarked, “I don’t know life without her,” unable to picture a world without Autumn. He made a particular request to the physicians since he was devastated that his wife hadn’t gotten to hold her brand-new newborn boy.

He requested them to awaken Autumn so she could see and touch the newborn Huxley. He appealed to the medical staff because he knew this might have been her first and final time doing it. They consented and gave the mother a priceless moment with her beloved child.

The Memorable Meeting

The event left a lasting impression on everyone and meant the world to the ill mother. One of Zack’s prayers had been granted with the special meeting. The pleased father remembered:

“Her parents, one of her best friends, and many nurses and doctors witnessed the special moment. I don’t know if there was a dry eye in the area. What an amazing day.”

Autumn’s Slow Recovery Journey

The mother wasn’t yet safe from harm. Doctors offered a lung transplant to speed up Autumn’s recuperation, but Zack first sought advice from another expert. He continued to have faith that his wife would recover miraculously.

Fortunately, the thoracic surgeon did not believe the mother required a transplant. The husband said, “[The doctor] came in and said, ‘You don’t need a lung transplant. You’re going to be fine.’ It was super good news. We embraced in a hug and thanked God and the doctor.”

Autumn finally began to improve, and everyone watched with delight. Zack was confident she would be fine despite her delayed progress.

The Experience Changed Them

Autumn returned home in December 2021 after receiving the all-clear after three months. She was a different person now. Such a joyous, emotional, overwhelming day, Zack exultantly informed friends and relatives. I often had to step back and admire all the greatness. Our daughters were surprised. They seemed shocked, in my opinion. They were both unable to respond or speak.

Many individuals passed the family’s home in their cars to support the courageous mother and wife. The pair thanked everyone for their unending prayers and love while they were overcome with emotion.

A Message from Autumn

The Carver family continued to be grateful for the gift of life, and Autumn remarked that her daughter had recently informed her that she now believed in miracles. The mother added, “Every day is a treasure. Give lots of hugs and let others know you adore them. You don’t want to leave anything unsaid because everything can change soon.

Zack also revealed that he began praying every night with his children, which he had never done before. They knew that nothing in their lives would ever be the same again, and they never took the miracle for granted.


Zack and Autumn were in awe of their blessings and hoped that by sharing their tale, people would be inspired to show greater love because life is precious. We wish them many years of happiness and health with their family.

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