It is always preferable to adopt from a shelter when looking for a new pet. It’s an opportunity to offer a homeless or abandoned animal a new life.

Additionally, there are moments when animals that you rescue will come to your aid again. That’s what one man discovered when his new pets came to his rescue.

Robert McGowan discovered two pit bulls in a neighborhood shelter. According to The Dodo, the dogs had a difficult life and were left behind.

It’s not surprising that people avoid adopting pit bulls because they are the most prevalent breed of dog to be discovered in shelters due to their reputation for aggression.

But Robert gave the poor dogs a chance, adopted them, and gave them the names Ellabelle and Ladybug.



The pit bulls turned out to be sweet, amiable dogs when he provided them with a loving home.

However, a recent incident allowed the dogs to show their true selves.

Robert was in his garage one night when four men suddenly attacked him. They gave him a black eye after punching him, and they wanted to steal his car.


Robert informed them that they were inside when they requested the keys. They had no idea what more they would uncover within.

The two pit dogs suddenly charged to protect their owner, barking and scaring the attackers away.

Robert told The Dodo, “They chased them out. My daughters rushed into the garage and surrounded me.

They made it plain that no one would harm me any longer by standing there and barking. The four individuals departed.

Despite the breed’s reputation, Robert said the dogs are calm and nonaggressive, yet they won’t think twice about defending a loved one if they are in danger.

This tale demonstrates the devotion and love that can exist between rescue dogs. It’s simple to picture what might have happened if Robert hadn’t brought them home. Robert urged those who were reading his tale to think about adopting.

They are survivors. Dogs we don’t want,” he wrote. “They kept me alive. Think about adopting a rescue animal. They could also help save your life.

Let’s applaud these brave pit bulls!

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