The sounds of a lady shouting halted Zikhaya Sithole in his tracks as he and a companion made their way home from the supermarket.

Upon running in the direction of the screams, the 38-year-old from Orange Farm, a slum south of Johannesburg, South Africa, discovered a mother standing outside her blazing home.

Her children were inside, and she was yelling about it.

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According to the Daily Sun, Zikhaya added, “At that point, I pulled my hat over my face and ran into the flames.”

Brothers aged one and two were trapped inside a burning shack.


“The kids were crying when I entered the cabin. When he tried to return for the other child, the flames were too fierce, so he took the child to the bed and went outside.

The fact that he was hurt didn’t become apparent until he got home.

Zikhaya was left with a severely burned face, sensitive eyes, and hurt hands, making it impossible for him to continue working as a welder.

I never regretted going into the shack, though. One kid is now under my care. I wish I had been able to save them both, he continued.

Mapaseka Monareng, his partner, admitted she was surprised when he returned home charred. Still, she phoned his family and called the paramedics as she assisted him in taking off his clothes.

Zikhaya Sithole asserts that he accepts suffering harm to save a child’s life.

I am pleased with him for what he accomplished, she remarked.

The bravery of Zikhaya affected everyone, according to Dr. Convy Baloyi, president of African Covenant.

Zikhaya braved the fire to save children in a world where men are considered trash. Through his recovery, we will go beside him. We can’t do much for him, but we’ll work with him,” he said.

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Additionally, there has been a community movement to nominate Zikhaya for the Mendi Decoration for Bravery award, given to persons who have displayed exceptionally brave behavior.

Since then, the two boys’ families have traveled to Zikhaya to express their gratitude, and local donations have been made. There are efforts to launch a global campaign to gather money for this man’s recovery.


A child is alive today due to the extraordinary measures taken by this guy, who gave his own life to do what he could to save these babies.

Given his heroic nature, he deserves all the support he can receive.

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