Corporal Walter Eugene O’Reilly, better known as “Radar,” on the film and subsequent sitcom “M*A*S*H” won the hearts of millions of viewers around the globe.

After Gary Burghoff left the program in 1979, the directors begged him to return with a $4 million offer.

His son is quite public on social media, but little is known about him or his family.

This year will also mark the actor’s first as a grandfather.

Burghoff’s current look and activities should be revealed to excited fans.


Gary Burghoff is best known for his role as Cpl. Water “Radar” O’Reilly on the television show “M*A*S*H,” which he played for seven years on CBS. The actor departed for various reasons much earlier than that, even though the sitcom was on the air between 1972 and 1983.

On the Korean Way, executive producer Larry Gelbart called Radar “the one who gets things done.” Radar played the role of a detective. The consensus was that he kept things operating smoothly, which was one of the reasons why the character was so well-liked and why his departure was felt by audiences all over the world.

 Pictured from left is Gary Burghoff (as Cpl. Walter 'Radar' O'Reilly), Jamie Farr (as Cpl. Maxwell Q. Klinger) in the CBS television sitcom, ASH. | Source: Getty Images

Pictured from left are Gary Burghoff (as Cpl. Walter ‘Radar’ O’Reilly) and Jamie Farr (as Cpl. Maxwell Q. Klinger) in the CBS television sitcom ASH. | Source: Getty Images

In contrast, Burghoff’s real-life personality has little in common with the one he portrays on screen. He was never much interested in the spotlight or money and instead chose to devote his life to working in theater and caring for his family. Unfortunately, that mentality nearly cost him his business in the early 1990s, and he went bankrupt.

In the movie adaptation of the story, the actor was the one who came up with the distinctive character traits of Radar. According to Burghoff, O’Reilly was a “lone, darker, and somewhat sardonic character,” He was described as having a darker tone. On the other hand, he rapidly concluded that everyone on the show was progressing in their unique ways.

As a result, he needed to change Radar. The performer created a version of Radar with Gelbart’s help that was considerably less evil than the others in the show. The remaining characters were either health doctors or intellectuals who detested what was taking place in the war.

 Pictured is Gary Burghoff (as Cpl. Walter 'Radar' O'Reilly) in the CBS television sitcom, ASH (M*A*S*H). 1977. | Source: Getty Images

Gary Burghoff (as Cpl. Walter ‘Radar’ O’Reilly) is Pictured in the CBS television sitcom ASH (M*A*S*H). 1977. | Source: Getty Images

But Radar had no idea what was going on, so he would have to respond differently to everything happening. Additionally, he could engage in whatever he felt like doing and was more active as a result. Because of this, the show gained a lot of popularity because the producers were able to turn a scary situation into gloomy humor that audiences could enjoy.

In various discussions, Gelbart has stated that writing for Radar is one of his favorite things to do. Burghoff said:

“I think he liked the fact that the character lacked guile and he could write from his own honest “child’s-self” as opposed to having to create ‘clever’ intellectual hyperbole.”

American actors Gary Burghoff (left), as Corporal Walter Radar O'Reilly, and Alan Alda, as Captain Benjamin Hawekeye Pierce, appear in a scene from an episode of the television series 'MASH,' California, 1976. | Source: Getty Images

American actors Gary Burghoff (left), Corporal Walter Radar O’Reilly, and Alan Alda, as Captain Benjamin Hawekeye Pierce, appear in a scene from an episode of the television series ‘MASH,’ California, 1976. | Source: Getty Images

To the audience’s delight, the producer also allowed Burghoff full freedom to react however he saw fit, which was a positive development. Because of this, the actor enjoyed playing the role for a lengthy period. He was grateful to the scriptwriters, producers, and the rest of the cast and staff for allowing him such creative leeway. In the meantime, Gelbart stated that it was a “true honor” for him to compose the episodes of Goodbye Radar back in those days.

Before discovering his destiny in the role of Radar, Gary Burghoff had already made a name for himself through some other works. The production “You’re a Good Man, Charlie Brown” was performed off-Broadway, and he was seen there. Back then, he didn’t wear the yellow blouse but favored the black outfit with the zig-zag pattern.

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Nevertheless, he did an outstanding job portraying Charlie. It is interesting to note that he was the only character from “M*A*S*H” to transition from the movie to the show. It has been claimed that he was the one and only “irreplaceable character” in the story.

Burghoff had the opportunity to collaborate with Donald Sutherland and Alan Alda, who were outstanding in their roles as Hawkeye. In the meantime, Gene Reynolds, the show’s executive producer, praised the actor, calling him wonderful and talented. Many people saw him as a child, and younger viewers were able to connect with him because of this. Gelbart added:

“Gary was phenomenal. He’s a phenomenal actor. He does that thing that actors are supposed to do – and not all of them do – he listens when other actors are speaking to him or someone in the scene, and yet he’ll do something on his own that doesn’t take away from the focus.”

Actor Gary Burghoff (Corporal Walter Eugene "Radar" O''Reilly) of the mid-1970's television series "Mash" attends the "Hollywood Collectors and Celebrities Show" April 7, 2001. | Source: Getty Images

Actor Gary Burghoff (Corporal Walter Eugene “Radar” O’Reilly) of the mid-1970s television series “Mash” attends the “Hollywood Collectors and Celebrities Show” on April 7, 2001. | Source: Getty Images

While this was happening, the director Charles S. Dublin, who was in charge of the camera for most of the episodes, was eager to praise Burghoff and describe him as wonderful. No one else could have played Radar in such a manner.

It was impossible for people not to adore Burghoff, according to his co-star Jamie Farr, who said he brought “a little something special to the show that none of the other characters had.” Burghoff had a certain charm, coupled with the teddy bear, the innocence, and his “cuddliness.”

Gary Burghoff for The Nerd on October 12, 1988. | Source: Getty Images

Gary Burghoff for The Nerd on October 12, 1988. | Source: Getty Images

Everyone was taken aback in 1979 when the actor announced his final exit from “M*A*S*H.” When people left shows at the time, the producers often decided to replace the actor while keeping the character. On the other hand, they were unable to accomplish that with Radar. They decided to write a two-part episode instead, which they titled “Goodbye, Radar.”

The comedy referred to the character’s departure as a “hardship discharge,” but Burghoff was ready to move on from his role on Radar. He desired to play a different instrument and accomplish more with his existence. The fact that the show encouraged so many viewers when things seemed bleak made it especially difficult to say goodbye to it.

American actors Harry Morgan, as Colonel Sherman Potter, and Gary Burghoff, as Corporal Walter 'Radar' O'Reilly, appear on the set of an episode of the television series 'MASH,' titled 'Change of Command,' originally broadcast September 19, 1975. | Source: Getty Images

American actors Harry Morgan, as Colonel Sherman Potter, and Gary Burghoff, as Corporal Walter ‘Radar’ O’Reilly, appear on the set of an episode of the television series ‘MASH,’ titled ‘Change of Command,’ originally broadcast September 19, 1975. | Source: Getty Images

The entire cast was inundated with fan letters in which viewers expressed how much the cast had motivated them. It was revealed by Loretta Swit, who portrayed Margaret Houlihan, that a fan was inspired to become a nurse because of her. Every character experienced development and a level of depth that was previously lacking in many comedies.

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During that time, the United States still had troops stationed in Vietnam. Even though the series avoided discussing politics at any point, it still managed to show some unavoidable realities. The producers did not shy away from confronting controversial topics or playing down the events during the war. The statement made by Burghoff was:

“We provided entertainment first, but our underlying theme was always pro-humanity.”

In addition to this, the actor addressed how well-received the show was by viewers all over the globe. A great number of people adored it because they could all, in some way or another, connect to the characters in the book, which was translated into more than 29 languages.

The Exit of Burghoff from Television

The episode of Radar titled “Private Charles Lamb,” in which Burghoff’s character rescues a lamb that is going to be killed, is considered by many fans to be among the series’ best episodes. After some time, he returned the lamb and renamed him Private Charles Lamb.

Because the show was set during the war, one of the most compelling questions that it sought to answer was who would be allowed to return home. At some point, Burghoff’s reaction to the sentiment became so strong that he concluded it was time for Radar to depart. The performer admitted that he suffered from burnout and “couldn’t function” because of it. He went on to explain:

“I’d given all I had to the part and the show. I care too much to give less than my best. I’d lost my vitality.”

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As a result, he left the show in 1979, forcing the producers to struggle because they could not find a suitable replacement. After shooting for only two days without him, they made multiple attempts to persuade him to return. The Tribune reported they were prepared to give him $4 million for his services.

With that success, Burghoff would have been one of the highest-paid performers working in television back then. Even though his new income wouldn’t come close to matching Alan’s, it was a hefty bump nonetheless. Ultimately, the actor turned down the opportunity and continued with his career.

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After that, Burghoff turned down some jobs that offered him a great wage to focus on his family. Unfortunately, that resulted in some challenging financial periods, but he never placed a particularly high value on wealth. The performer offered his commentary:

“I didn’t leave M*A*S*H a wealthy man. I could have renegotiated my contract, but money wasn’t the most important thing in my life.”

Even though he was promised a part in the television show “Newhart,” he chose to pursue a career in the theater instead because he wanted to be able to work for a few weeks and then spend the rest of his time with his family. He desired to improve as a partner and as a parent to his kids. After some time, he even discovered a new vocation of his own: art.

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Gary Burghoff’s Family

The actor was married to Janet Gayle, who worked as a surgical technician and had a few acting credentials. However, in 1979, they decided to get a divorce, and one of the contributing factors was the high amount of time he spent recording the series. As a result, it is not hard to figure out why it was the right moment for Burghoff to depart.

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In addition, he admitted that he had been missing from his daughter Gena’s existence for some years. Gena began a career as an actress after relocating to Los Angeles and winning a few minor roles. While this is happening, Burghoff thinks that if you still want to be a good parent, you can’t be “rich and famous.”

Eventually, in 1985, Burghoff tied the knot with Elisabeth Bostrom, who worked as a dental assistant. By 1991, he had, sadly, become unemployed. The actor experienced a Christian awakening and appealed to God for guidance and assistance. It’s unclear how he arrived at this conclusion, but he eventually converted his hobby into a successful profession that supports his family financially.

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Gary quit “M*A*S*H” because he felt terrible about his problems at home, and even Charles S. Dubin was aware of this fact. Gary’s problems at home were reflected in the on-air story of Radar falling in love and having to break up with the woman he had fallen in love with. This made Gary tear up. Therefore, it was in his best interest to depart and direct his attention toward his loved ones and the pursuit of genuine love once more.

Elisabeth and Gary were married for over 20 years before they divorced in 2005; unfortunately, she passed away in 2019. On his Instagram account, one of their boys, Miles, paid her a touching tribute that you can check out here. The following was written under the post:

“Today is a bitter-sweet day. A year ago today, I lost my wonderful mother, who was always my biggest fan.”

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Burghoff’s two marriages resulted in the birth of three children for him. The Burghoffs’ first child, Gena Gale, was born to them in 1975, and she attempted to follow in her father’s footsteps by entering the entertainment industry. Gena chose to step away from public view due to the lack of success that she experienced in her professional life.

In subsequent years, the actor and his wife, Elisabeth, welcomed two sons: Miles and Jordan. You will frequently find Gary posting to Miles’s various social media accounts. Because he has always had a soft spot for animals, his family enjoys activities such as swimming and keeping some different pets. Even more, Burghoff stated:

“I want the world to be innocent, kind, and gentle. Animals have never let me down in those qualities. When you allow yourself to connect with animals, [their] simplicity and joy are contagious.”

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Miles entered professional fishing. He was even in the Bassmaster Weekend Series in 2007. He was new to the scene back then and had several sponsors, like Alaska’s Baranof Wilderness Lodge and the Jetworks Air Center.

Back then, he brought his father along for the competition, much to the delight of fans at the event. They share a mutual love for fishing, and Miles explained that Gary made him fall in love with it. The actor was asked if he was going to participate too.

However, he was only there to support his son because that is what parents do to show love for their kids. Aside from being an avid angler, the actor invented and licensed better rod butt handles and a chumming device.

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It’s interesting to note that Burghoff skipped the Emmy Awards in 1977, despite having been nominated and losing for some consecutive years. However, he was awarded the prize but was absent when it was presented to him because he was fishing at the time. As a result, his co-star Alan Alda, who hosted the ceremony that year, complimented Burghoff in front of the audience.

Gary offered Miles his assistance in developing a game plan for the competition, comprised of highly skilled professionals from the industry. On his Instagram account, the man’s son writes that he believes the family’s time spent in the Florida Keys inspired his lifelong passion for the sport of fishing.

The angler, who spends much time on the water, enjoys posting throwback photos and recent pictures of his family, particularly Gary. You can check out their exploits and see how the family is. In addition, the dynamics of their relationship show that Burghoff made the correct decision when he resigned from the company to focus on his family.

Gary will be getting his first child after Miles and his wife, Katie, recently announced they are expecting their first child. To make the announcement, his son posted it on Instagram with the following caption:

“With the future looking so bright for the Burghoff household, I am looking forward to the changes that 2023 brings! Happy New Year, everybody! It’s time to get to work and make 2023 an epic year! #letsgettowork #happynewyear2023”

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What’s Gary Burghoff Doing Now?

It is safe to say that Burghoff’s life is as calm as it possibly could be. He is now 79 and continues to center his life on his family. In the aftermath of the devastating fires in California a few years ago, his family decided to organize a fundraising effort, and his son Jordan uploaded a movie to YouTube to spread the word.

Gary decided to pursue a career in painting when he found himself in a difficult financial situation instead of going back to performing. Fortunately, he was a quick learner and an expert with a brush, and he sold portraits of North American wildlife for up to $25,000 each in some galleries located all over the country.

A fan's comment on Jordan Burghoff's Youtube video from November 13, 2018. | Source: Burghoff

A fan commented on Jordan Burghoff’s Youtube video from November 13, 2018. | Source: Burghoff

Even at an early age, when he freed a few geese from a farm in Bristol, the actor has always had a deep affection and respect for all kinds of animals. Although he also dabbles in watercolors, the artist credits his passion for wildlife advocacy with inspiring his oil paintings.

One of his series focuses on animals reintroduced into their natural settings after suffering substantial population declines over time. These animals include mountain lions, turkeys, eagles, and other species. The renowned performer, who has since retired, said:

”I’m hoping to make the viewer see the beauty and soul of the animal.”

A fan's comment on Jordan Burghoff's Youtube video from November 13, 2018. | Source: Burghoff

While he was still working on “M*A*S*H,” he amassed a small art collection but did not begin his career as a painter in earnest until 1993. In addition, Burghoff hosted an episode of a show on public television that was all about wildlife, and she went on tour across the country with Neil Simon. Even though he is now retired, his passion for painting and animals will never end.

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