Meet the “Trueblue Twins, ” Gaining a Massive Instagram Following

Meet the “Trueblue Twins” who are now gaining a massive Instagram following

Even though having twins isn’t exactly rare, there will probably always be some people who are curious about how two different individuals can look so much alike.

That applies to me as well…

However, Megan and Morgan didn’t just lead people to stare at them because of their strong similarity to one another. When they were four years old, their eyes looked as clear as crystal, and pictures of them, once captured on camera, went viral on the internet like wildfire.

When Megan and Morgan Boyd were just four years old, the internet fell in love with pictures of their mother posting on Instagram and began calling the twins the “Trueblue Twins.”


The unique look of these identical twins has captured the attention of people from all over the world. This contrasts with the usual behavior of parents, in which they gush over photos of their children. They currently have more than 153,000 people following them on Instagram.

And the reason for that shouldn’t be too difficult to understand, should it?

The birth of the girls took place on June 6th, 2011.

Their mother, Stephanie, is the one who came up with the name for her daughters to use. Because of their one-of-a-kind blue eyes, she was the one who first started to refer to them as the “Trueblue Twins.”

If you want to know which of the girls is Megan and which is Morgan, you need to look at their eyes. This is the clue that will tell you which one is which.

Megan is the only person I know who has two different colored eyes. Because Morgan’s right eye is not blue but rather dark brown, she has a very distinctive appearance due to this fact.

These are the sisters as they look today, nine years after birth.

There are a lot of sets of twins who are used to always being dressed in similar outfits. As can be seen, the situation is the same with Trueblues.

According to Stephanie, she thoroughly enjoys shopping for her daughters’ outfits and ensuring they always have the most recent styles available.

It is essential to her that her unique twin daughters feel and look their best at all times.

The girls’ unusual eye color captured and amazed many of the girls’ fans.

Some people instantly think African-American adults with blue eyes are just wearing colored contacts. Still, the reality is that these individuals may have been born with a rare gene that causes their eyes to be blue.

According to Stephanie, the mother of the TrueBlue Twins, she was also born with blue eyes and claimed that she does not wear colored contacts.

Even though her daughters have become real social media idols, Stephanie seems to have not lost touch with reality.

She knows that Megan and Morgan’s natural beauty could lead to careers as top models; however, she does not want to push her daughters into doing something they may not be interested in doing. That makes a lot of sense!

Look at these beautiful eleven-year-olds today; don’t you think they’re absolutely stunning?

A Rare Eye Color

Life Like Sweet Little Stars

Inspired by Their Elegance in Art

Sending the twins fan art is a way that many of the twins’ fans, who are also talented artists in their own right, have expressed their love and admiration for the adorable little ones. Occasionally, Stephanie will post artwork created by fans to the couple’s Instagram account. Many now claim that they are as famous as the Olsen twins because of how rapidly their popularity has grown.

They Became Popular All Over The Country

Local fame is normal, but it often takes time for someone to gain important focus. In the instance of the twins, everything happened so quickly. The parents were extremely happy as the girls began to acquire a following and a devoted fan base. They had always known their daughters were unique, and now everyone recognized it.

Mother Watching Her Daughters


These girl-power-inspired outfits are some of the loveliest that the twins’ closets offer. Because of their early success, they know they are mini-bosses, and the twins have every right to be pleased with themselves.

There is no reason to doubt that these two gorgeous sisters will one day become very attractive women. And their parents are wonderful, encouraging individuals, and we hope all of their children have a joy-filled life. They should be happy and proud that they have two such beautiful daughters and one son.

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