None of us look forward to the unavoidable daily task of buying gas for our cars. The young man in front of her, however, refused to pay for her gas because she was a Memphis lady, and she couldn’t believe what she was hearing.

Olivia Jennings started chatting with the two young guys in line ahead of her as she waited to pay at the neighborhood gas station.

She said, “I was standing in line and there were two young men in front of me who were laughing and cutting up and I started cutting up with them; we were having a good time.”

“I was teasing him about all the orange juice they were buying.”

Memphis youth buys gas for stranger - :) Healthy Happy News YouTube


One of the young guys insisted on paying Olivia’s gas bill after they engaged in friendly banter.

“I thought he was teasing, and I pulled out my credit card, and I said, ‘oh it’s ok, I got it.’ He said, ‘no, ma’am, I really want to buy your gas.’ I said, ok.”

The young guy then gave Olivia $20 to cover her gas costs. The shocked mother wanted to spread the word about her experience so that others would know Memphis has decent kids.

He just bought my gas, she wrote in the photo, “This young man just bought my gas. Tell me about Memphis young folks.”

Numerous people liked and shared her article.

“It was absolutely great for everybody coming together saying ‘yes, you are right Memphis has good youth,” Olivia said. “No matter what you say, we’ve got them. They are everywhere.”

Olivia expressed her admiration for the kind teenager and how pleasant it was to meet him.


A fantastic occasion that is ideal for sharing with others. I wish that unidentified young guy would be treated with the same respect he showed Olivia that day.

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