For more than 35 years, Tracy Pollan and Michael J. Fox have been a happy couple. Early in their marriage, they had to deal with the stress of Fox’s Parkinson’s disease diagnosis. Yet now, three decades later, they have a family and a fulfilling existence.

Veteran actor Michael J. Fox made his screen debut in the 1970s. He became well-known after appearing on “Family Ties” on television. Aside from his lengthy profession, he found Tracy Pollan, an actress, to be his ideal wife and life partner. They have dutifully upheld their vows throughout the 35 years of their marriage.

Through good times and bad, the couple has gotten stronger and hasn’t let their challenges change how they see each other.

Even though they have come this far, Pollan did not initially think highly of Fox. When she first saw him, she thought he was haughty.

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Yet when they had the chance to work together, she saw him in a different light. Fox proved intelligent and humorous, and it only took about two weeks of collaboration to recognize these amazing traits in him.

The couple eventually got hitched, but in 1991 Fox received some life-altering news that tested their marriage. Fox visited the clinic when his pinky finger started shaking a lot one morning.

A physician in Manhattan gave him the diagnosis of young-onset Parkinson’s disease. The actor told his wife the news as he led her down a winding route.

She reassured her husband that nothing had changed because he was still the same man he was yesterday, and she didn’t want them to forget that as they grieved and cuddled.

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Fox values his wife’s support beyond all else. From the moment he told her about her cancer in that hallway, she never saw it as the end of their marriage. Her opinion of him has not changed despite his Parkinson’s disease.

Willie Geist said that his father had Parkinson’s disease and that it is not a condition that one goes through alone during an interview with Fox about his book “No Time from the Future.”

So it was a gift to have Pollan by his side. “It’s extremely fantastic to have a partner,” the “Back to the Future” star said.

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For a long time, Fox kept his illness a secret, drowning himself in alcohol and taking on as many jobs as he could to try to forget about it.

At one point, he admitted to keeping bottles from his wife. He drowned his emotions in alcohol and drifted away from his family as a result.

Fox’s drinking problem caused a strain in his marriage, and Pollan said that watching her husband harm himself in this way was horrifying. Yet his addiction’s effects were what worried her.

Fox was responsible for making the required changes, but Pollan acknowledged that it was not the best way to live, particularly for someone with children and a wife.

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After arriving home, Fox passed out on the couch.

The next morning, Pollan and their three-year-old child were sat in front of him after a beer can fell to the floor while he slept.

He avoided looking at his wife and child since he was expecting a furious woman, but as he moved his sight about the room, he realized, “She wasn’t. She was bored.”

Pollan asked him if this was the kind of life and person he wanted to live before he stormed away. Fox had just completed his final beer of all time. He determined to get clean and start over.

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Tracy Pollan and Michael J. Fox in New York in 2018 | Source: Getty Images

According to Fox, “Acceptance isn’t resignation”  Hence, in 2000, the actor finally accepted his disease instead of trying to hide it from his loved ones. He also founded the Michael J. Fox Foundation for Parkinson’s Research.

The actor wants his foundation to support initiatives working to cure this condition. Parkinson’s disease, which causes tremors and limits mobility, predominantly affects the nervous system.

How he overcame the odds is another inspiration for his foundation. Fox had been given a nine-year Parkinson’s disease diagnosis and was informed that he would be completely disabled in 10. Yet, he kept working even after 25 years.

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Fox realized that his foundation could help advance research and treatments, enabling others to live long lives.

The Secret to Long-Term Happiness

Fox’s health has gone through ups and downs, and Pollan has experienced them. The two claim they have survived by assuming the best in every circumstance and giving each other the benefit of the doubt.

Fox’s wife attested to People Magazine’s claim that he was one of the kindest people. She thought her husband was one of the friendliest people she had ever met.

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She figured his good temperament came from his upbringing.

The actress claims that Fox will never prioritize his sentiments over those of others.

He attempts to put himself in the shoes of others because he has the kind of self-awareness that knows that problems don’t just affect him.

This was evident by the actor’s numerous wounds, including a fractured face, arm, hand, and shoulder. The actor needed some time to realize how his wounds affected those who were there to care for him. For his family’s health, he made every effort to be the best patient he could be.

Fox thinks his wife has everything nice in a bow, while Pollan thinks she has the most authentic spouse. She was intelligent, loved him, and guarded their family, he said, complimenting her. The couple’s four children are Sam, Schuyler, Aquinnah, identical twin daughters, and Esme.

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Fox also bragged about his wonderful children, attributing their accomplishments to his wife. Even if some people might not agree with him, the “Stuart Little” actor also talks about how great his life is.

His attraction comes from the status of his health. Fox claimed that because each day is different, he does not think he has a typical day.

Because living with Parkinson’s means that every day is unique, so he manages his days as they come. But he is always conscious of how much he values his family, job, and situations in life.

Fox admits that it is not always successful, but he finds that imagining the best-case scenario helps him stay positive no matter how terrible the situation is.

Fox asserts that the key to enjoying life is acceptance. As a result, he discovered that the more self-acceptance he practiced, the more thankful he felt. This helps the actor see all his positive qualities in contrast to his shortcomings.

His family, his job, and the new people he meets daily are all beautiful aspects of his life. Fox added that his wife referred to him as “Mr. Mayor” because of how many people he knows and interacts with whenever they visit New York.

His propensity to mingle with and converse with others serves his company’s interests. Fox uses these debates to inform and advocate for people with Parkinson’s disease.

Fox speaks with many people, but Pollan dominates each discussion. “Tracy is incredible. “She’s up there with me on the front lines daily,” Fox remarked.

The actor remarked that she never poses as an expert on the illness like he does, but she has a gift for making people laugh even in the most trying circumstances. Pollen may not have first loved her husband, but she eventually stood up for him.

She handles the jokes before moving on to serious topics, which Fox appreciates when her partner is having a difficult day.

Having a Good Time Despite Pain

Fox and Pollan have been wed for more than three decades. According to the actor, the secret to their relationship’s longevity is that they laugh together daily.

Fox also didn’t think his wife ever treated him like a Parkinson’s patient. He simultaneously served as a friend, a spouse, and a parent.

Their relationship started when they starred in the movie “Family Ties” in 1985. Pollan only appeared on the program for one season, but the two appeared together again in 1987 on “Bright Lights, Big City.” The second time, Fox invited her to lunch.

They started dating shortly after that and became engaged a year later, in 1988. For the past 35 years, Fox and Pollan have raised a family of six, and the actor has leaned on them throughout his medical ordeal.

The actor claims he never hesitated to tell Fox and Pollan’s children about his health issues. He has always been open and honest about having Parkinson’s disease and how his life has changed as a result.

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Tracy Pollan and Michael J. Fox on “Family Ties” in 1986 | Source: Getty Images

In 2018, Fox went through yet another serious health problem. The actor’s range of motion was restricted due to removing a tumor from his spine. He now has memory issues and had to relearn how to walk. Despite everything that has occurred to him, Fox values his life.

Additionally, Fox appreciates how he has improved his time management skills. Due to his low energy levels, he has stopped doing things he dislikes and now appreciates them. Fox loves his wife and family more than anything and would sacrifice anything for their approval.

Fox continued, saying that even though he keeps discovering new symptoms, some make him laugh at himself. He learns a funny tidbit about himself every day.

He gave an example of when he had just got up and wanted to make his wife and himself a cup of coffee. To get the coffee into the cups, he had to work hard.

When it became difficult to hold the coffee mug, Pollan offered to help, but Fox was adamant that he would deliver the coffee to his wife alone.

The situation was not looking good, and it only got worse when he sprayed hot coffee all over himself and the floor. He proceeded cautiously across the kitchen.

After 32 years of living with Parkinson’s disease, Fox’s journey to self-acceptance was challenging, but once there, he and his charity changed the world for the better. His impact on the movie industry will not be forgotten.

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